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Career upgrades and promotions have taken up all my time ... most of the time I wish I was drawing.
As before: work, commercial designs, projects for others, obligations ... all the "other" stuff in LIFE is an obstacle to creativity.

Anything new I've done in the last few years is not really worth posting ... mostly sketches, ideas and doodles.
Still no excuse.
I'm on a continuous trek make creative progress, not the everyday commercial or occupational design decisions, but the stuff that really matters ... even if it has no monetary gain!

I'm working on an entire suite of "themed" images, most of which are still floating around in the recesses of my brain. Freeing them from those confines is the plastic spoon to the cell block wall that I must overcome.
Damn spoon keeps bending. But I'll get there! 

So, here I am again, talking to myself.
If only I would listen to me. I've got to get out of my own way.
thank goodness!
finally got going on some ideas I've had for years.
work, commercial designs, projects for others, obligations and LIFE just keep getting in the way.
no excuse.
it's good to hold a Prismacolor pencil in my hands again, to feel the warm texture of archive paper ... to make creative decisions that don't have to do with monetary gain!
Art for Art's sake!

hey, this "talking-to-myself" stuff is very therapeutic.
I think I might do it more often.

thanks for listening, me.
you're welcome, me.