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Need to chill.

Seriously, alot of people are trying to figure what's wrong with the mainstream and how it's not reaching kids and teens as it should be. and I'm starting to see while a big part of it lies in the hands of DC and Marvel big wigs, another huge part of the blame is also fans who refuse to let anything change about their favorite heroes but yet still want something new out of it. Seriously any attempt a company makes at appealing to the next gen. of readers, is often shot down by fans. Like I just read some hate about the Next Avengers movie coming out next week. Why? cause heaven forbid a story be told about the children of the Avengers. I mean why read something new that will most likely still be very similar in tone to the original. I'm sure cap's son, acts a hell of alot like Cap. At least these kids are "avenging" the deaths of their parents, giving a reason for them to be called the Avengers. cause the original team never avenged anything. lol more like the term justice league/society was taken.

But anyway fans really need to relax a bit and let mainstream comics grow a little, and stop forcing the big 2 to find new ways to tell the same stories.
Like just recently at a con panel, they asked fans who;d they want to be the successor of Batman, and most of them voted they only wanted to see Bruce as Batman. Dear lord, how long are we gonna milk these franchises before they become so stale that they appeal only to the kids who bought them 20 or more years ago.

i mean there's a whole new generation of comic fans/creators who've never picked up a mainstream book, which is fine but my fear is that if that keeps happening then these old icons will fade away, and to be honest they're not being replaced with more noble or inspring people. (quick example, peter petrelli and most of the good guys in heroes, who are so "human" that they really don't do anything but whine)

the cool things about the mainstream super heroes is that they're all grounded in strong moral ideas, that aren't necessarily connected to any religion, thus making them accessible to alot of people. as a kid, reading with great power comes great responsibility, forever changed me. and i think that losing ideas like this far down the line just sucks.

not to say that the manga and indy books that the next generation are reading now don't do these kinds of things, especially in regards to shonen manga and anime. seriously if you haven't read naruto or watched tengen toppa gurren lagann, you need to cause these stories feature characters that don't let their being "human and relatable" get in the way of being ass kickers.

it's just that the mainstream icons need to stay around as well, and that won't happen if the big 2 keep catering to the wills of their current fan base.

at the very least i wish they;d pull a George Lucas,and  worry more about getting new fans, like he did with the prequels and what he's doing with the current animated series, and not so much pleasing the old ones cause they're already hooked and no matter how much they complain about any new material will still spend money on it.

so old fans, relax, it's okay to let grayson or drake be batman, i promise you your childhood won't be ruined.
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I think I may be impatient at time since its very tough getting in the field sometimes. That's a frustration I can fix--it just hurts me to see so many people get noticed when there are alot of people that are better with stories people want to buy. I'm sure in due time I'll be where I need to, I obviously have my issues with American comics currently which I displayed in my comment. Its good to talk to someone that doesn't flip out when someone disagrees slightly. I'll look you up more. Your words were very helpful.