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Windows 8 Metro Facebook App

By Kronos454
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Hi everyone,
I've always been in love with the Metro(or as it is now called, Windows 8) interface. It's minimal heaven, and I finally get to contribute to its world.

I give you the conceptual design of the Facebook app on Windows 8. It's clean, precise, minimal and I wish it was real.

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On the news feed and chat pic, I would give the two panes borders and have them inset with the blue background, but very nice looking concept.
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I really like the layout you've got going on, but I think the tracking of the type is a bit close together for it to feel comfortable. I agree with the choice of type-face though, I love Segoe UI and use it wherever I can. :)
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Wooow Amazing job man...

Actually all (unofficial) Facebook Apps on Windows Store fucks my mind with the "Android Style"... These Looks a great app!
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I would actually use it.
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lol, wish I had the knowledge to build it
thanks btw :)
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I wonder why Facebook has not made an application for Windows 8. Where is the Facebook and Twitter these times?
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Maybe they are waiting till a large portion of users are using Windows 8 or maybe the standard Social apps will be used instead of individual Twitter and Facebook apps.
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Someone totally needs to make this.
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I´am totally with you! :)
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I am totally making this! Soon Releasing.
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I will be loving that, if you do! :D
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Very nice.
Where did you find that background?
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Thanks! I made it myself, should I upload it?
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I am thinking yes.
Really nice.
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It would be cool if you add a possible view of the newsfeed along an another app. So it's on the side of it (if you know what I mean) ;)
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good idea! I'll add that if I have the time :)
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