Using a Filter in DAZ Studio instead of Favorites

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Using Filter Regexes in DAZ Studio as an Alternative to the "Favorites" Feature

This is a tutorial for anyone interested in a better alternative to the rather useless "Favorites" system for DAZ Studio parameters. I'm talking about this thing:

Tut1 by Kronolight

Why the "Favorites" Feature Sucks

1. The favorites are saved for an individual object and do not carry over to others. If you have a bunch of favorite pose/shape parameters on a figure, they don't exist on other figures you make and you have to favorite them all over again.

2. There is no way to have multiple groups of favorites. No way to organise them. It's just one set of favorites for the object and that's it.

3. Can't save material parameters or render parameters etc as a favorite.

Using Regexes to Filter Results

DAZ Studio supports using a regex in the search filter. It also supports saving filters and organising the filters very nicely in submenus if you want. This can be used to create a search that creates a group of specific parameters in the same way as the favorites do, except you have the benefit of being able to create as many different filters as you want and group them however you like and use them on whatever figure or object you want in any scene you make.

The image example above has "Brow Inner Up-Down", "Brow Outer Up-Down" and "Eyes Closed" as a favorite. You can recreate this using the following search filter:

rx::(Brow Inner Up-Down|Brow Outer Up-Down|Eyes Closed)

Tut2 by Kronolight

In this way, you can create a search filter that has any number of parameters that you want. The example has 3 different ones, but I have filters that have 50+ parameters in a single search and it works fine. Once you have the filter you want, you can save it by clicking the magnifying glass next to the search text box and selecting "Save Filter...".

Tut3 by Kronolight

Give the filter a name. The menu path allows you to create submenus if you want. The default "/" will put the filter at the very top level so when you click on the magnifying glass in the future, you will see your filter right there so you can quickly select it whenever you need it. If you want, you can create submenus like "/SomeSubmenu/AnotherSubmenu/".

If you click on the magnifying glass, you can select "Manage Filters..." at the bottom which will take you to the folder that stores all your custom filters as simple text files. You can easily edit them or move them around there and it will automatically be updated in DAZ Studio.

You can also create these kinds of filters for other panes like the Render Settings pane or the Surfaces pane and many others. They all have search fields too.

The best part of all this is that you can use these filters on any object or figure you have. So you no longer have to favorite your most used parameters on every figure and instead have a much more global way of doing it that can be used with all existing and future figures/objects you make.

More Advanced Filtering and Wildcards

The filter I used earlier can also be rewritten as:
rx::(Brow (Inner|Outer) Up-Down|Eyes Closed)
As you can see, you can use parentheses inside parentheses. "Brow (Inner|Outer) Up-Down" will match both "Brow Inner Up-Down" and "Brow Outer Up-Down" giving you the exact same result.

You can also use wildcards in your filters. You can use ".*" in your search to indicate that there can be any characters following/preceding the word. For example:
rx::(Brow Inner Up-Down|Brow Outer Up-Down|Eyes Closed.*)
This will give the following result:

Tut4 by Kronolight

As you can see, now "Eyes Closed Left" and "Eyes Closed Right" are also included because of the "Eyes Closed.*" used in the search.

If you wanted to get all parameters with the word "Closed" anywhere in them, you can use ".*Closed.*". If you want all parameters that end with the word "Right" you can use ".*Right".

Thanks for reading. I hope this helps someone save a lot of time as it does for me.

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