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Ok so, since I had a great response for my interest probe on doing a contest, here it is! So I had quite a few ideas for a contest, but in honor of coming gen 7's setting in Alola (aka Hawaii) I thought of a fitting contest that also appeales to my love of the sea. Hopefully more than 3 people will enter so the prizes won't be trivialized ha. Ok so here is the challenge:

Design a Fakemon around coral reefs! This could be species that live on reefs (fish, turtles, shrimp, crabs, encrusting algae, the coral themselves, literally anything that is on the reef!), the coral rock the reef grows, the fact that reefs are boat hazards, hey maybe even the whole ecosystem that reefs are. Go nuts! Designs will be judged based upon creativity, concept, and art execution. Use whatever art medium you want to use (colored pencils, sculpture, digital, pixel art, whatever) just please something more finished than say a simple pencil sketch. Brownie points for really wacky original stuff like unused or unusual type combinations, interesting or not commonly done species, and a well fleshed out design (I love me some lore). So it doesn't have to be the best art to win, I'm looking at everything holistically.

I really don't have much in the way of free points to offer, but I can do art so hopefully these prizes are good enough for you all

-1st place: full art of your design, a free commission, and 596 points (I'm just shy of 800 unfortunately ha)

-2nd place: Full art of your design and 200 points

-3rd place: lineart of your design

-:iconsaucylobster:  Contest Evo: Coral Reef by SaucyLobster
-:iconjustinnuggets:  FAKEMON CONTEST ENTRY: Slytharine by JustinNuggets
-:iconjwnutz:  Bobbitini by JWNutz
-:icontrainercord: KronnicK Contest Entry by TrainerCord
-:icononeilmarty:  Corllution by oneilmarty
-:icontoldentops:  Coral Fakemon by Toldentops
-:iconpeerfakemon:  Dustoral No.100 by PeerFakemon
-:iconguy165732:  Fakemn contest Bring the reef to life by guy165732
-:iconskarmorysilver:   042 - AMPENOME by SkarmorySilver
-:iconjummbl:  <da:thumb id="629188142"/>
-:iconjtortitas: Pokemon - Angea Region - The Greek Anemone by JTortitas
-:icontoxicwyvern:  Wormpy and Flister by ToxicWyvern
- :ChicoConSuArte: Ornypusal (Fanmon) by chicoARTS


Contest is OVER! Here are the results now that the hurricane has passed:

Honorable mentions:

:icontoldentops:  Coral Fakemon by Toldentops 
The design of the polyp here is fantastic! I love the eye, it gives it so much personality!

:iconsaucylobster:  Contest Evo: Coral Reef by SaucyLobster
Incredible art as always, such talent. I loved the idea of a moving reef and I think the design had some beautiful elegance to it. The little polyp was also very cute!


3rd Place:

:iconjwnutz:  Bobbitini by JWNutz

The combination of tube worm and genie was mind-blowing, took me by total surprise and I really loves it!

2nd Place:

:iconjustinnuggets:  FAKEMON CONTEST ENTRY: Slytharine by JustinNuggets

I loved how this was both a sea snake and a diver! The way it can come apart is genius. Well done!

1st Place:

:iconguy165732:  Fakemn contest Bring the reef to life by guy165732

Just, wow. The sheer volume of forms, the way the Pokemon attaches to others changing them speaks to symbiosis, the very heart of the reef. Have to say the Slowbro form is perhaps my favorite. Incredible job!

Thank you everyone for entering! There were so many good entries! I really appreciate this and I am really impressed with all the creativity! Winners please note me about the promised art.

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