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The latest release candidate of Nullsoft's ubiquitous media player is finally here. Winamp 5 RC10 boasts many changes and increased stability.

Winamp3 was seen by many in the community as a failure. While it did have freeform skinning, it was felt that stability and efficiency were not up to Winamp 2.x’s standards. So the Nullsoft team went about creating a new media player, one which would combine the best of both platforms Winamp 5 is the culmination of Nullsoft’s efforts to combine the best of Winamp 2.x and Winamp3 into one package. Boasting support for a wide number of video and audio formats including MP3, OGG, WMA, and lesser-known formats, Winamp 5 is all you need.

Changes since RC8:

:pointr: modern skin updates
  - fixed coming back from windowshade closes video drawer
  - fixed user settings path assert
  - added 6 color themes (coagulated, peachy, bricks set, rosemary, blueberry and cream, qwayke)
:pointr: added media library plugins configuration, support for type column
:pointr: latest VP5 decoder, VP6 decoder
:pointr: disabled hotkeys when hotkeys configuration is focused
:pointr: AVS: support getkbmouse() from script. woot.
:pointr: AVS: support new text features, including $(title), $(reg00), $(playpos), $(playlen)
:pointr: AVS: added (optional) eval code for effect lists
:pointr: AVS: experimental SMP support
:pointr: AVS: fixed a alpha clamping bug in dmove
:pointr: AVS: eval code stats in debug window
:pointr: AVS: memory footprint reduction (framebuffer freeing)
:pointr: AVS: eval code optimizations, much smaller and faster code (woot)
:pointr: fixed how some very broken databases would set the db recovery
  into an infinite loop
:pointr: fixed info for wa3 skins
:pointr: fixed winamp3 upgrading for later builds
:pointr: fixed sendto ml playlist when it is open

Note that while the download link leads to “winamp50beta4_full.exe”, you are actually downloading RC10.

Download: here (4.0mb)
Mirror: here
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Woo, all hail winamp 5. Wow with the first couple RC's i was thinking the memmory use was a little high but this realease is using 10megs of memory while maximized and 3.5 when minimized, not to shabby for something with so many features. Wooooo
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checkin it out
d's avatar
it doesnt download...
drivebybiped's avatar
i really like winamp5 however i get errors in the gen_ff.dll, i realize its just a workaround of sorts to implement new skins however i was hoping this problem would get fixed by now, sigh, back to classic skins
inok's avatar
Wow! Guess if it's good enough I'll even have to uninstall my fav 9series which is really better than the 3rd WinAMP...
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Nice. All the RC's so far have run perfectly on my system (p4-1.8ghz) so I think they will be ready with the full version soon. Love the modern skin too. Streaming video is flawless and the built in shoutcast is a nice feature.

Definately the future for all versions of Winamp
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Im confused, someone parent to my post... umm, where did 4 go? :D There has never been a four, why a fivE? And ae they going to officialy release it or not? And since its not official yet, why is there a download.. and why download it since if there will be an official one it might be a bit more diffrent? BTW, does 5 support winamp 2 skins? Thats the only reason i never downloaded 3 :D
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lol.. so what about 4? :D :D :D Um, since this is not a official release... does that mean you suggest not downloading it? I have a 56k.
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do the math!

Winamp 2+Winamp 3=Winamp 5

version 5 supports skins and plugins for both winamp 2 and 3 and is the natural progression. It is meant to replace both of them since 3 didnt do a good job of replacing 2.
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they're a bit late with AVS, there're many versions:
2.7pre1 - 2.7pre8
2.8a1 - 2.8a4
2.8exp1 - 2.8exp2
2.8beta1 - 2.8beta4
...and in this AVS it's only AVS 2.8beta3 - a bit outdated :D
Great improvements anyway - winamp wakes up from the dust! Go, justin, go!
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i really like wa5, and every release is better than the last. can't wait for the final, because wa5 is number 1, no question
emet's avatar
im a big fan of winamp...and i thought 3 was kinda moving in the right direction..but speed and stability are very important so if this works ...i hope the do an official release soon...
garyw's avatar
Winamp 5? Don't they mean Winamp 3?
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Haven't you noticed? The guys at Nullsoft are making a "totally new" (actually a continuation of winamp2) version, Winamp5, that combines the skinnability of winamp3 and speed/stability of Winamp2 (2 + 3 = 5).
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This version is awesome! I'm so glad you put this up - I wouldn't have known otherwise and would have been stuck with my version that has a tendancy to crash every now and then...
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I remember getting my hands on WA3 when it was first released and thinking - " this is great" . Which quickly turned to - "why is my computer so slow?"
WA3 was chucked not long after.

I do hope I don't have to do this to WA5 - I've been using the horror that is Windows Media Player for a little while and I really want to chuck that!
grettir's avatar
woah, total ownageship WinAMP 5 i mean! IT ownz us all! :D
kyng's avatar
Well it IS christmas :)
deathwisher's avatar
Woooo... Winamp 5 ! Yay its so sweet ^^
amdmstf's avatar
Well that is too late to say but great
I download it and run it
and wander wen they relase the last version
swiftsword's avatar
>< is it just me, or does wa5 have problems playing .wma files? Like it can play some, but not others. And er, it might be just me again, but it won't show chinese or japanese characters.
snarfevs's avatar
I know there was a WMA title parsing problem in the very first WA5 RC... Had a habit of either skipping files or displaying tagged titles, showing the filename instead. Is this the problem you are having?
swiftsword's avatar
ah, >_o it seems that if i change the file name from chinese characters to plain english, it'll play them. If not, it displays a bunch of question marks as song title, and dosn't even display the time.
snarfevs's avatar
If you haven't tried it already, in preferences, under titles, Select 'read metadata when files are loaded into Winamp' and turn off 'advanced title formatting'. This worked for me after I found I had the same problem... Hope this helps.
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