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MLP : Magic Duel

By Kroliath
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A quick MLP Fanart for fun ^^
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Nice pic! Did you use the really card art work?
absolutely adorable!!
i love MTG!!
but i think Trixie would have started out as blue/black!
white/blue works for Twilight though!
awesome picture!!
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Omigosh, I love magic the gathering and my little pony! Its cool!
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Hey! Your art is really good! I was wondering if you'd be interested in helping with art for my MLP audio drama?

My email is

Hope to hear from you ;)

~Ice Gaze
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Out of all the tcg's there are, Magic is the one Twilight would really get into i think. She likes collecting rare things, she would love trying to get some of the really valuale cards( Black Lotus at the top if shes smart.)
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I love the card game there playing.
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"...I challenge you to a children's card game!!!" 
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Nah, Trixie is TOTALLY UB. 
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I think she'd be RB or RU tbh
BW seems accurate for Twi though
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Twilight: UW (Righteousness and intelligence)
Rainbow Dash: RG (Timmy deck. Quick spells, some ramping, and then AWESOME big creatures.)
Pinkie Pie: Mono Red (She's practically a chaos god. What else would she be?)
Apple Jack: UG (Stalling the game with fogs and counterspells, waiting for just the right time until she can get her MASSIVE creatures out and wipe the board clean.)
Fluttershy: GW (Token deck, getting plenty of little critters out there to help her and then swinging with her massive army!)

Celestia: Mono White (amass her army, and exile any opponents' creatures. *to the moon*)
Luna: BW (Crusading against her offenders with vampires, knights, and spirits to slowly torment and dwindle away at them.)

Trixie: RB (Tru on that. Flashy and erratic, trying to win at any cost.)
Zecora: GB (All about using her graveyard to her advantage, scavenging what she can get to find exactly what she needs to beat you.)
Spike: Blue Fatty Aggro Deck because Spike is the worst character and doesn't know what he's doing.
Shining Armor: RW (Lots of soldiers, burn, and anything to just hammer away at his enemy.)

And that's all I can think of right now. :U
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I agree with all of those except one...
Spike will have vengeance. With Slivers.

Also, Rarity would probably have a mainly artifact-based deck or something.
And Discord is aggressively manipulative, so I can imagine a combo of Red, Blue, and Black working well for him. Or just Red and Blue.
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DUDE, I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT RARITY!!! But yeah. She'd totes be rockin' those fab artifacts. B)

Also, Discord would be sittin' there, chillin' with his best bud, Nicol Bolas.
i have a Daretti deck that she'd love
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Rarity could NEVER stoop so low as to be a red mage! She'd be more of a blue/black artifact mage because how posh~

Also correction: Applejack? Mono-Green. What was I thinking, AJ wouldn't want to use them fancy majiks!
Nightmare Rarity might be Blue/Black
Rarity herself more likely mono blue...
as for Applejack, go big or go home!!
but you can do that with Blue/Green...
mystic snake with a Temur Sabertooth to return it to your hand works for a counterspell
add Murkfiend Liege to untap mana creatures and speed on to your endgame!
Kruphix for her commander maybe?
for an unending 'harvest' of mana!
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Wait, what're you talking about Spike being slivers!?

That's Chrysalis, you ding dong! 
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Well that's not a very nice thing to say.
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