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Squiby Paint Tool Sai Tutorial

Biiiiig file and lots of blablablabla.
Press download for full view!

A Squiby (Paint Tool Sai) Tutorial!
I tried to explain a few tools I am always working with,
but it would be nice if you're not completely new to Sai!
When you're new, try to download the Trial version and have
a look at it first before reading further!

All mentioned Shortcuts are the same in Photoshop.

Paint Tool Sai Download
LunaPic Online
(for making your image transparent)
My Squiby Profile

If you have any questions concerning Sai or creating Squibys,
feel free to ask!
If you want to have an other tutorial on other topics,
let me know and I'll see what I can do!
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Shishi-Stinson's avatar
is the paint tool sai download for the actual program? cause i would really like to download the program ^-^
GoldieWishes's avatar
the download doesnt work anymore ;w;
it says its a trial...
krokus00's avatar
Yeah, you either need to buy a license or get a cracked version. I really can't direct you to a cracked version, though.
I'd recommend buying it or trying Google.
GoldieWishes's avatar
i found one wiiiiide open on the youtube thing 0w0
btw, great tutorial :D
yellow110's avatar
Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to get started!

I also have a question concerning Sai. The pen pressure that use to work isn't working for me anymore. Would you possible know any reasons why? o.o
krokus00's avatar
I am not sure. Id the error is still occuring, try to restart SAI with your tablet on. Or try to unplug your tablet once. That usually works for me.
yellow110's avatar
I tried reinstalling SAI and it works great now. Thank you though!
The-Rasmus-Raven's avatar
thanks for sharings this helpful tuto ^^ I'll use it :D
Hime--Nyan's avatar
Sehr schönes Tutorial. C:
Wäre es vllt möglich, wenn du auch ein deutsches Tutorial machen würdest? ;o;
krokus00's avatar
Das Gleiche?
Oder zu einem anderen Thema?
Hime--Nyan's avatar
Joa, das gleiche. ^^
Wenn du auch Lust bzw. Zeit hast auch gerne andere Themen,
aber das ist ganz dir überlassen. (:
Koseki-Leonheart's avatar
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