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Shimeji Yoite

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Took my a whole day. °w°
Therefore, it is a bit.. off. XD
Well, not off, but there a few white dots and such.
I still like it. Chibi Yoite is adorable. ♥

1) Downloas File
2) Extract to somewhere
3) Click little Shimeji Button
4) (Install Java)
5) Enjoy!

Please do not upload somewhere else.

Used :iconcrazy-chibi: Shimejis as a reference.
© 2010 - 2021 krokus00
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so cool, i like it! weel done! *-*
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its adorable!!!
i have a question, could you please make a shimeji for me?
i'd even give points for it, like a commission!
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Sadly, no! I can't accept points- Shimejis are really a lot of work,
and I don't have any use for points, sorry.
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aah too bad!
maybe another time, when my parents allow me to pay real money :3
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i just yelled "f*uck yeah!" when i saw this in a vons. i may be a social pariah now. .~.
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Hi, I can't find WinRar is there another program I can use to unpack it?
I use mac.
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Hmm, I think Mac should be able to unpack it without an additional program, although I think this Shimeji won't work on Mac properly.
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Thanks, I'll try it anyways.
Do you know of any other Yoite Shimejis that could work on Mac?
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The Shimejis I know only work on Mac, but you could try to google it for Mac - I think there's a way to get it working for Mac as well.
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Thanks, I found a tutorial on how to make the ones for Windows work on Mac.
It's amazing I love it,
Thanks soooo much for posting this, you're the best
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That's awesome to hear!
And no problem!
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omg he's climbing on my screen!!!!!!! >///////<
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Where's the download link?
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On the right side.
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I don't know if it's my computer or if I'm just stupid or something..
but I've downloaded the RAR file like three times now and I can't find an option to extract.. therefore, I can't use Yoite yet ;u; help please?
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Do you have WinRar to unzip these files?
If you don't, you need to download WinRar first!
It's a free trial version, you can deinstall later again after you unpacked Yoite.
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the more i see cute looking Shimeji's, the more i want to see my characters running around my screen as one...sadly i cant animare or draw things so small for beans...
so i say nice job in this. =)
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It won't open T^T
I saved it to my computer.
But when I try to open it, it gives me a little tab that says "view downloads"
It gives me two options (save and open)
I press open and it says open with "Java(TM) Platform SE binary or internet explorer"
I clicked Java. Then a black box popped up for 2 seconds, disappeared, and gave me nothing.
I was right back to where I started. >______> I'm going to blow a fuse.
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That kind of sucks. I don't think I can be much of a help here, though, sorry!
Are other Shimejis working for you?
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Nope. I tried many different types of shimejis, but none worked.
krokus00's avatar
Strange. Are you using a Windows or a Mac?
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