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Shimeji Ampharos

By krokus00
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If you experience any bugs..
Keep them. :I

Hit the Download Button to get the file.

1) Download
2) Extract to.. somewhere.
3) Click the little Shimeji Icon in the folder.

If you can't extract the .rar file, go get Winrar.

If the Shimeji isn't working,
you might need to install the Japanese Java version.

4) Enjoy!

I used the Japan Shimeji of :iconcrazy-chibi: as reference (I just changed the images), so go screw her if the Shimeji code is bugging, lol.


This took me 2 days lol.
Copy+Paste for the win.


Please do not upload somewhere else, thank you.
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I'm more or less having issues with Java, but eh
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Do Shimeji Of Star  Star by LilithTheRainbowNeko  
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they don't accept requests
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If you are still active, can you make a full shiny version of this?
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I just figured out this ancient account's password just to tell you how much I love you for making this. <3
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I don't find the downlaod button :'(
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under the "add to favourites " button
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Lmao loves the descript is basically: If you have an issue... Deal with it
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Well, there isn't much I can do about it, after all!
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Thank U this is just so cute n.n!
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LOL, your description's so blunt. XD
It's cute, thanks for making this!
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It walks around your desktop.
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oh. does it work for mac?
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No, at least not my version. I think there's a way to run it on Mac, but you probably have to google it to find the explanation.
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Ampharos is walking around this coment
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Shiny is so cute!
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It's fun watching them do what they do. Thanks for allowing downloads.

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No problem! Glad you enjoy them. :)
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Heh~ I've got one!
He's so adorable! ^^

The style is simple, neat and, of course, so cute!

Good job!
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