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The Confession
"Well, that's everything for today." Krohman Ark yawns out as he stretches his arms and leans back in the sitting stool by his anvil. The Scion's smithing work for the day ended earlier than he anticipated; which strangely, disappointed him a small bit. After a long lasting and deadly battle with a powerful group of rouge Arcanist extremists, Krohman was looking forward to enjoying a few days of relative peace. During the battle, the scions were seperated and forced to fight each member of the enemy faction known as "The Dark Grasp". Each one a very formidable opponent that required the scions to fight in groups in order to terminate. Fortune was not in Krohman's favor, as circumstances forced him to be seperated from his group; thus he was forced to fight alone against his adversary. A poor match-up; for this opponent was capable of reading into one's heart and manifesting a physical construct of departed loved ones, as well as individuals close to the target's heart. Broken by the im
:iconkrohman:Krohman 0 0
Final Fantasy XIV Dark Knight by Krohman Final Fantasy XIV Dark Knight :iconkrohman:Krohman 3 0 Final Fantasy XIV Monk by Krohman Final Fantasy XIV Monk :iconkrohman:Krohman 3 0 Krehmia by Krohman Krehmia :iconkrohman:Krohman 0 0 Tender moment by Krohman Tender moment :iconkrohman:Krohman 0 0 Little Miqo'te by Krohman Little Miqo'te :iconkrohman:Krohman 2 0 Kaiser Knuckle Zeta by Krohman Kaiser Knuckle Zeta :iconkrohman:Krohman 1 0 Krohman Ark by Krohman Krohman Ark :iconkrohman:Krohman 4 0 Awakened Demon 'colored' by Krohman Awakened Demon 'colored' :iconkrohman:Krohman 1 0 Nathan: Awakened Demon Form by Krohman Nathan: Awakened Demon Form :iconkrohman:Krohman 0 0 Broken by Krohman Broken :iconkrohman:Krohman 0 0 The rules by Krohman The rules :iconkrohman:Krohman 3 8 Fear nothing remove everything by Krohman Fear nothing remove everything :iconkrohman:Krohman 0 0 The Coldest War by Krohman The Coldest War :iconkrohman:Krohman 1 0 Random Collage: Nonsense by Krohman Random Collage: Nonsense :iconkrohman:Krohman 0 7 Dragoon Inferno by Krohman Dragoon Inferno :iconkrohman:Krohman 0 13

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United States
Used to draw in high school, but I've lost the knack for it. Now I take screenshots from FFXIV and write fiction
  • Playing: Final Fantasy XIV
Criminy, I haven't even looked at this site know what, scratch that, I don't wanna know how long; probly since I was in high school. I wouldn't be surprised if everyone watching and reading thought I was dead, but I've pretty much given up the whole drawing thing; I haven't the talent for it. I DO however love writing and have been writing up fiction for my biggest game addiction: Final Fantasy XIV. Maybe I'll share the entries here on deviantart as well but until then, anyone interested can fine my works here:…

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