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Chaotic Flux

Character Bio:

Name: Sorin Ravenholm

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Height: 6’

Hair: Dark

Build: Athletic

Place of origin: East Fortress, Cleveland, Ohio

Lives in: West Fortress, Taos, New Mexico

Age: 28

Occupation: 3D hologram comic book artist

Likes: Comic books, concerts, martial arts, all kinds of music, but mostly rock, video games, and movies

Dislikes: Cruelty, disrespectful people, corruption, and greed

Having lost both his parents at the age of 8, during the Litherak invasion, Sorin was mostly raised by his grandfather, John. Or Granddad, as Sorin so lovingly calls him. Sorin also has no siblings. He’s a very focused and productive person, skillfully trained in both Wing Chun and traditional Kung Fu.

However, this extreme focus on his carrier and hobbies, along with a grave misunderstanding, is what ultimately divided Sorin from the love of his life.

His grandfather is a brilliant inventor, who designs state of the art weaponry for the U.S. military. When the Dreadfiends storm through Sorin’s city, he decides to use John’s prototype exo-suit, known as the D.A.M.A.G.E. Suit, to fend off the coming onslaught. Becoming a hero that this world now so desperately needs.

D.A.M.A.G.E Suit - Defensive armored mechanized assault ground enhancement suit

Chaotic Flux

Character Bio:

Name: Zithara

Species: Half Zakarin and half human. Dubbed a Humarin by human society

Sex: Female

Height: 5’ 7”

Hair: True bright red

Skin color: Sky blue

Build: Athletic

Place of origin: Unknown. But believed to be somewhere in Nevada

Lives in: Always on the move

Age: 18

Occupation: None

Likes: Sunsets, clear water when she can get it, being independent, the ocean, music, keeping to herself, and being left alone

Dislikes: Most humans, those who prey on others, cruelty, and sometimes herself

Zithara is primarily what you would call a “lone wolf”. Most of her life has been very hard. Filled with cruelty and hatred from those around her. She can count the number of people that have been genuinely kind to her in her life on 2 hands.
Her mother, who was human, had been killed just for having a hybrid child. Zithara was very young. Her father had to leave earth well before that and return to his homeworld with his own kind to help fight in a galactic war.

Most of her childhood had been spent in a military protected facility. As she was raised by scientists and doctors, most only seemed to care about her for science and research. The Humarin children had been housed in this facility to protect them from a cruel outside world that feared and hated the hybrid children, as some of them possessed incredible powers.

None are more dedicated to the hatred and eradication of Humarin children than the religious hate group known as The Order of the Purging Hand. It’s this blind hatred that’s pushed Zithara so far over the edge, that she will stop at nothing for them to meet their own end.

Masterfully skilled in hand to hand combat, with hollow bones, and possessing the ability to form red crystal-like structures from her body at will, which allow her to create a wide range of offensive and defensive weaponry, all of this and more makes her an amazing warrior on the battlefield. As she flails about, morphing and un-morphing her arms and legs into various deadly forms, she becomes a giant spinning and flipping blade of annihilation.

However, as formidable as she has grown to be and as independent as she strives to remain, the vast cyclone of desolation to come will thrust her into a new world. A world where she will have no choice but to rely on much more than herself.