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Space Rulers: Through the Gates of Wander
Port Wander was the last bit of civilization on the Kronus Expanse.
It was the only stable space in an area rife with Warp Storms. Guild ships refueled here. Pilgrims, merchants and spies travelled through every single day. Military fleets rearmed and reloaded. Euron himself had pushed for the Space Station- code-named Port Wander to be refurbished and its defenses shored up.
Yet the defining feature of the port was its treachery and its ever-changing nature.
While technically neutral ground, it was rife with people always looking to take the biggest slice of the pie. And it was all done by gambling, smuggling, black markets, and even straight-up killing.
But it also had information.
The place had law and order. Tempered by corruption and blackmail, but law just the same.
The Arbites who ran the place were ruthless, but they created a kind of grey market without meaning to. A place where spies and thieves could go to fence off their goods and knowledge without getting caught and reputa
:iconkrocken:Krocken 3 0
Mature content
Space Rulers: Claws of Darkness :iconkrocken:Krocken 3 0
Space Rulers Info: Kingdom Data File
The Kingdom: The dominant ruling body of the entire Galaxy. The Kingdom is actually consisting of several factions working together to form a body. Each part usually serve their own ends and functions, but will work together if needs be. It consists of Kingship, several Great Houses, Space Marine Chapters, the Guild, Adeptus Mechanicus, the Imperial Guard, and the Inquisition. Functions as a Federated Feudal State, with its government based around military political obligation in exchange for planetary titles and control of areas of strategically important space.
Crownhouse: The rulers of the Galaxy, currently King K. Rool. This is where all the decisions over the oversight of the Galaxy are made, and to who all Houses answer to. They maintain the Imperial Guard in deployment and equipment, and oversee the defense against enemies…even if it is from within. The King functions as the head of State and the official head of the Church of the Seven. While the King is the supreme comma
:iconkrocken:Krocken 4 2
Mature content
Space Marines: Battle of Arrakis :iconkrocken:Krocken 2 0
Mature content
Space Rulers: Realm of the Sabbath :iconkrocken:Krocken 4 0
Space Rulers: The War Chest
Catelyn remained steely-faced as she watched Rick prepare another batch of pills for Jon. He needed them after his Psycho overdose. Without them, his adrenal glands would shut down and he's fall asleep and never wake up.
She didn't want to admit it, but Catelyn almost wished for Jon to miss his pills. Her son Robb was in a more precarious position than ever. Same with all her children.
She hated herself for thinking this; Jon had never shown anything but love for his siblings. She hated herself for holding a grudge against this boy. But it was too late now to change.
"Mother," said Sansa, "The representatives of the Comet Miners and the Free Holds have arrived. Bran is requesting to be there with us."
Catelyn sighed. Bran was acting...odd nowadays, seeming to be not always there. A couple days ago, she found him looking though his tablet, musing about emojis and wondering if they had there own world...
...before concluding that was a stupid thought.
He’d always been called the su
:iconkrocken:Krocken 4 0
Space Rulers: The Guild
The Golden Whale, the mothership and homebase of the Guild, flew across the stars in the never-ending quest for spice and profits. Giffs, hippo-like Beastkin, patrolled the halls of the ship while merchants from all over showed off their wares.
Treasure Knight cared about none of it.
To him all the merchants, stockbrokers and bankers were mere parasites living at his leisure and off his success.
But he had business here. “Where is Eretus Profiteur?” He demanded if the high end mercenary guards in the ships financial district
The Giff saluted as he spoke. "Erutus has been seen going to the council room to meet with the others," He said, nodding.
Likely was meeting with Moneybags and Roodaka, that was for sure.
Treasure knight grunted. Petty games.
Call him here and start early. Then again he’d done worse to others. Much worse
He stormed through the corridors and pushed past the guards into the council chamber.
Indeed, the three of them were there. Bubs was not among th
:iconkrocken:Krocken 3 0
My Planned SSBU Mains by Krocken My Planned SSBU Mains :iconkrocken:Krocken 14 0
Mature content
Space Rulers: The Weak Shall Perish :iconkrocken:Krocken 3 0
Space Rulers : Rise of War
Braev Lee, High King of Skyrim and Lord of House Lee, lit a candle in the temple of Talos. As far as places of worship went, this was a humble spot. The roof leaked, the floor was dirty, and the pews were splintered.
He'd come to this very temple as a boy when he first went to war. Back then, he thought of himself as the Grand Champion Warrior of the galaxy.
Nowadays he saw himself as a mere public servant. He stood up from his prayers and eyed his wife and children on the pews.
His beloved wife, Mahzer, and three wonderful daughters, birth child Edea, and adopted Eilonwy and Tina, all three he knew would surpass him one day.
Alternis was there as well, his helm concealing all thoughts.
"Go on, children," he said to his young ones, "Say your prayers to Talos."
"But I’m already godly," Tina protested.
"Don't make me pull adult authority," he warned, "Every ruler should connect with their God."
Tina sighed, but did as Braev relaxed. She recited it as best she could.
"Grant us the s
:iconkrocken:Krocken 3 0
Mature content
Terror of a Demon :iconkrocken:Krocken 3 6
The mind on the spectrum is an odd thing indeed.
The world always seems a little different compared to the ‘average Joe’, if such people even exist in the first place.
One on the spectrum has a hard time connecting with fellow humans at times. Almost as if fellow humans are alien to them…or is it the other way around.
Habits come to these people, but different from most others, it seems. Drawn to create, always, or even other forms of expression.
Never fitting in with the others ideas, not always even understanding them.
For what reason, one may ask?
None can be given easily, as the mind is a tricky thing indeed.
And yet, people endure, and go on, as best they can.
:iconkrocken:Krocken 5 9
Mature content
Sea of Trials: Sea of Claws 1 :iconkrocken:Krocken 2 0
Krocken's Tale: An Odd Job
Krocken slept, and he dreamed.
Not good dreams, but dreaded things of years gone by. He dreamt of things that ate anything they could get their claws on. He dreamt of things that destroyed for the sake of destruction. He dreamt of things that would only appear in nightmares. He dreamt of things beyond all comprehension.
All of them creeping in mind, raking at it as much as they could, clawing at his sanity, ready to break him and send him spiraling into dark madness. He would toss and turn in his cot, the images in his brain shifting and churning into mad forms.
And he would wake up in a cold sweat. Every single damn time.
Such was his lonely life. And he would keep at it…like the time a few months ago.
Krocken tossed the head of the damn bandit to the head of the villagers. “There. He’s dead, like you wanted. Time for my payment.”
The head of the village looked…a bit put off by this blunt nature, but the bandit was dead, as clearly seen, so…
:iconkrocken:Krocken 2 0
Space Rulers: Encounter with a God
Arya's time on Ark was tough, but rewarding. She quickly made a name for herself among her tribe, alongside her new friend, Ellie. Even on this Death World, things looked good...Then came the message via drone, written by Windrunner herself.
She scanned the message, keyed into her DNA only.
"My father is dead." she murmured. She couldn't believe it.
She could read the words, but there was a delay in her brain.
"I don't know what it's like to give a shit about family, but it's probably awful." Hound sniffed as he ripped into a roast chicken.
From Clegane that was heartfelt condolences.
TK blinked as he listened in. "Ned Stark...gone? Wow...a man like that doing so much just be killed." He shook his head. "What a way to go."
"The King is dark and twisted." Bullet replied. "He did this for a scheme, bigger than we can think of."
"So what does this mean for us?" asked Berix. "Are we still stuck here or do we get to leave?"
"The note says Sylvanas is calling all able bodies beings to fight
:iconkrocken:Krocken 3 0
QotR: Schala's Tale
A warm morning was what woke Schala up from her bed.
The blue-haired, blue-eyed girl sat up, and stretched her limbs. The morning’s kinds soon worked out as she slid out of bed and into slippers. She took a look about her room. A simple place, with a bed, chair, table, books of various subjects, and a lantern, lights out for now.
She sighed as she took in some breath, knowing just what this day was.
The day she would be going out to travel the world, expanding her knowledge and sharing the glory of Asha, the Mother Dragon, with all she encountered.
Easy, right?
She wasn’t so sure in the long run. She was practically raised her in the monastery, and she had very little idea how the world woked outside…and she knew it, much to her dismay.
She wasn’t STUPID-far from it, in fact, with a good education-but she just didn’t know how people would react to her…

She would have to worry about that later. Right now, she would have to get ready. Her depar
:iconkrocken:Krocken 2 0


When someone calls you by cosenza987 When someone calls you :iconcosenza987:cosenza987 1,686 547 Samus (2v) by Sciamano240
Mature content
Samus (2v) :iconsciamano240:Sciamano240 6,311 134
Mature content
[Gore] Bounty Ahead :iconrunekeriandrake:RuneKerianDrake 3 0
Overwatch Girls by eiqe
Mature content
Overwatch Girls :iconeiqe:eiqe 1,160 46
Cosmo and Tails:TENKU NO SHIRO RAPYUTA by Cheroy Cosmo and Tails:TENKU NO SHIRO RAPYUTA :iconcheroy:Cheroy 283 17
Lumine Infinitus S49
Song 49: Tears

Within the cafeteria...
Genocyder, Stimpy, Homura and Lilac looked on horror the monster that was in front of them, the creature roared with such potence many tables made of metal break into pieces as shrapnel rain inside, the foursome didn't wait until the small metallic needle like leftovers affected them, as start to run away from the disaster behind.
The monster didn't wait too, as starts to chase them.
Stimpy fired the flare gun he received from CryoGenesis, he pointed at the skin of the monster. Anything to make it slow down, while move with the girls and the Featherian while led the escape off the place that used to be a prison for many men, women and creatures alike. The creature didn't expected be bombarded by the projectiles of the cat. Many exploded but none affected him. As one of the horns shone lilac. As an almost visible shield can be seen through and before the creature.
"Oh fush!!" Stimpy cursed "That thing can summon a force field"
"We c
:iconrunekeriandrake:RuneKerianDrake 4 2
[TLotG] Chapter 10
Chapter 10: Doors of Hellfire

It took a great travel through the ravines that the battle with the Equestroyer took place and finally a well-deserved defeat was achieved. The group went through the dangerous path ahead and making progress through too. There were a few caves to explore but that was not the time to lose time in small things like spelunking.
In small days, the group arrived at Erzea. The place, by distance, showed a small village with some creatures and humans wandering around while making their own business. It shows also a great desert-like canyou with many ravines are going below the ground where the fire and lava starts to surge from the bottom of the pits.
"That's the home of all dragons" Lilac mentions with a small smile on her face "It is amazing be home for so many time"
The group said nothing as all got a bit surprised about the place Erzea is. And how the inhabitants can live within a place were a subterrean volcano lies nearby. Either way, the tr
:iconrunekeriandrake:RuneKerianDrake 3 1
Rosalina Bound and Gagged by falseAlias
Mature content
Rosalina Bound and Gagged :iconfalsealias:falseAlias 783 18
Happy Holidays from DeviantArt!
‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house,
Not a deviant was clicking
On a touchpad or mouse.
Deviations were packed
In their boxes with care
In hopes re-designers
Soon would be there.
The deviants were nestled
All soft in their Profile
In hopes that a change
Would come soon with style.
They’d heard mysterious stories
From the Betas upstairs,
And they knew something special
Soon would be theirs.
New dark mode, new light mode,
Love Meter, and more!
New backgrounds, Profile headers,
More storage for Core!
One curious deviant,
Sketchbook tight in their grips,
Couldn’t wait one day longer,
They must see Eclipse!
They ran up the staircase,
Threw open the door,
Awoke all the betas,
And all of this for:
A glimpse of the new version.
A screenshot, a peek.
The clatter woke a beta,
Who started to speak.
“We’re working some kinks out
So it’ll be perfect when
It’s released to more soon.
:iconheidi:Heidi 3,059 5,746
Good Girls in Trouble by Boyrobin
Mature content
Good Girls in Trouble :iconboyrobin:Boyrobin 549 17
CMS- Royal confinement by Noodle-Doodlez
Mature content
CMS- Royal confinement :iconnoodle-doodlez:Noodle-Doodlez 273 12
Suspended! by jam-orbital
Mature content
Suspended! :iconjam-orbital:jam-orbital 1,201 47
Summer Iron Artist Pic for Svarta-Perlan by A-BlueDeer Summer Iron Artist Pic for Svarta-Perlan :icona-bluedeer:A-BlueDeer 293 12 CG: Tiny Tina by angelthewingedcat CG: Tiny Tina :iconangelthewingedcat:angelthewingedcat 12 16 Bounty Hunted by Ninja-Gokko
Mature content
Bounty Hunted :iconninja-gokko:Ninja-Gokko 1,232 26
Ankhath The Ice Tyrant

After a long time ago, the nature created the world and their enviroments; give to life all creatures and beings to live around the corners of the same great blue point in the universe. All have a job a to accomplish to exist in the world.
But at the end of all the situations and issues, the people and creatures beyond had lived in peace...sometimes their fights arrived in dead ends.
One of the more important holiday days are the most precious in all the year, the day known as Christmas.
To everybody, or the most part of them, known the real meaning of the day, what is trying to portrayed...know it is something undescribable you must live it to discover it.
Something a foreign creature didn't know.
Apparted from the enviroments known by the human and the creatures in all worlds and dimensions made by the same nature, their is a foreign creature forgotten by the same; looking as a big white lizard, walking bipedal with a silver crown made of blades, with red eyes and a white-silvere
:iconrunekeriandrake:RuneKerianDrake 1 0


A comedy slice-of-life with bizarre events.

The Sand Dragon Inn is one of the fanciest places in the deserts, full of great rooms and attraqactions...and also attracts odd events.

Krocken (My OC)
Schala (Chrono Trigger)
Tina (Borderlands)
Rooster Cogburn (True Grit)
Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf, Thorin Oakenshield, Fili, Kili, Balin, Dwalin, Oin, Gloin, Dori, Nori, Ori, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur (The Hobbit)
Emma Frost (X-Men)
Spyro, Sparx, Elora, Hunter, Bianca, Sheila, Sgt. Byrd, Bentley, Agent 9, the Professor, Moneybags, Zoe (Spyro the Dragon)
Reinhardt, Tracer, Winston, Pharah, Ana, Soldier 76, Torbjorn, Brigitte, McCree, Mercy, D.Va (Overwatch)
RED Team (Team Fortress 2)
Female Frisk, Male Chara, Asriel, Asgore, Toriel, Sans, Papyrus, Gaster, Undyne, Alphys, Mettaton (Undertale)
Ailish, Tal, Buki, Elco (Sudeki)
Ryuuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)

Michael Scott (The Office US) 
Rayman, Globox, Ly, Teensies (Rayman)
Solange, Claire (The Maids)
The Strawhat Pirates (One Piece)
Agnès Oblige (Bravely Default)
Sora, Riku, Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)
Isabelle (Animal Crossing)


Duality of Nature
United States



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