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I'm late to the party!
Here's my spidersona; Alpha the WolfSpider

AU; lives in and around Los Angeles in a more scientifically advanced parallel universe. Went to Chernobyl to take pictures for NatGeo and stumbled across a research lab testing the radiation's effect on the creatures living there as well as newly introduced species. Got bit by a wolf-spider. 

Powers; He can create sticky silk from small spinnerets on his palms and soles of his feet, but can't shoot them out. He can leap on top of skyscrapers and has increased strength, stamina, durability, reflexes and regeneration. He can stick to any surface and even walk on water. He has enhanced vision and night vision capabilities, his nails have a venom sac behind it that can be lethal, and his hair and anything he wears can pick up slight disturbances in his surroundings that enhances his spidey-senses to the level of Assassin-Spider. 
He also acquired an ability he has dubbed "Wolf-Pack" where he can control all arachnids (and other spider-folk) within a mile from his position like a pack leader would (the wolf-spiders in Chernobyl acquired this skill to be able to form a colony with their kin and offspring.)

Suit; He has a helmet that was 3D printed and wired up by his best friend (he himself isn't a very smart boy) It has a removable mouth piece that provides a limited amount of air and gas-mask benefits, ears that act as sound enhancers and antenna as well as a police scanner. It has 8 "eyes" - the 2 in front are basic eye shields, 2 on the bottom act as infrared and heat vision HUDs that transfer to the main 2, the other 2 on the bottom are biometric readouts that scan both himself and the surroundings also HUDs. There are 2 live feeding cameras on the back of his helmet that shows him what's behind. also has fur coming out the back of the helmet for his powers.
The body suit is made of cut and slash resistant material, water resistant, fire retardant, electric resistant, and has fur sewn in on the collar, waist and ankles for his powers.
He has metal claws attached to the finger tips and has metal claw-like boots with soft pads on the underside to prevent noise. the claws on his fingers collect the venom that seeps out from his nails naturally.
He has a big ass coat/cape with fur that he uses for stealth, spidey-detection powers, and gliding when jumping off of tall ass buildings (like batman)

Weapons; He uses a handgun and long dagger. 

Other Info; He's a anti-hero - does stuff for money. If we are basing this character as a spidey-version of ourselves then he is military-trained and an expert marksman (humble-brag here). He's a weeb and a dork. 
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