A Matter of Perspective

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A timeless song about the feeling of all changing times

But whether or not it is a feeling of hope or of dread

Is a matter of perspective, is the line we’ve been fed.

Future that’s bright

Wiped out by blight

Leaving behind what’s just round the bend

A beginning for some and others the end

What’s warmed by light

Freezes at night

Growth in the Spring

Dies out in the Fall

Lost is the Summer

And Winter like truth

will out I’ve heard said

Everyone’s right

Sounds like a fight

Whether it’s a feeling of hope or of dread

Depends on how whose history is read

Learning from this and grateful for that

Or learning from that and grateful for this

Just another exercise of hit or miss

A frog or prince the chance of a kiss

Those with the might

Must have the sight

Hearing the Call

Warning of Fall

Heart full of hope or head full of dread

A matter of perspective or so some have said

One boat or many

Sinking or sailing

Is there anyone wining

If someone is failing

A matter of perspective, the line we’ve been fed

And whether it’s a feeling of hope or of dread

Depends on how whose history is read

So this is what happens when I send the afternoon listing to Bob Dylan's 'Times They Are A-Changin' all afternoon.
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