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Green Rainmeter

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Published: May 9, 2016
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Windows 8.1
Rainmeter skins included and modified:
- SimplyNova (Network and System bars)… -> changed look
- Harmattan (Weather)… -> added 5 days weather preview and place
- Wallpaper (Leafie mod)……

14.5.2016 1.1 Update:
- Migration to new XML url
- Added bundled weather solution (enabled by default)
- Lo/Hi temperature is center aligned
- Skin is positioned on primary screen
- Folders are by default displayed
- Added configurable weather (url, day subtitute) see Settings/

8.6.2016 1.2 Update:
- Added a 12h format measure (24h format is default)

Note: There might be minor alignment adjustment(s) needed.

The weather API was discontinued. Unfortunately I don't have time or will to fix it right now. Will update it as soon as I get the chance. Stay at home and safe.
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Make sure you back up your current setup as this download re-starts Rainmeter and deletes all your current gadgets. Very bad form. There should at least be a warning.

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Kait0uKiddoNew Deviant

The weather does not work.*&unit=m#&dayf=6

This service is deprecated as of 01/15/2020

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The fetch of weather data from is deprecated as of October 1, 2019.
Do you have an update to this?
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Hi, sorry not yet. Any news when it will be going off or why are they marking it as deprecated?
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it is already off, since October 1. I don't know the reason, sorry. :(

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Hmm, the other skin that uses the same weather components is working fine for me. For example:…
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Strange, it is indeed working again. When I posted here 5 days ago, URLs pointing to wxdata were returning the deprecated message. Maybe they went back on their decision, I don't know.

To show I'm not crazy:

Here too:

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I see, well let's see if it continues to work and deal with it if it stops :]
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Well here we go again: "This service is deprecated as of 01/15/2020" =/

Do you know of another weather api to replace it?

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I am horribly sorry, I will try looking into it when I find enough time. Unfortunately it won't be in the near future. I am 100% sure workarounds for the issue have been found already, it's been a very long time since then after all. I might be wrong :/
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Sorry long time no hear. You're right it works. However from time to time it stops. I don't know why. FYI i modded the setup slightly to show the high and low on the current temp. Reason is we've had days of over 40C last summer and the temp showing in the morning was 30C, hence not knowing where we were headed i added these (see attached image

Weather Hilow
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Nice, I also like how you've bundled the time and place with the weather! :)
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I think i have finally figured out this odd behaviour of it not displaying anything. As odd as it may sound this happened when my pfsense firewall ran out of space to write. Once cleaning out my log files (ie. freeing up space) it came back immediately !

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Nice! I'm glad you resolved it :)
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wxdata no longer works. Do you know how to implement some substitute api?

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How do i remove everything but the weather? I ONLY want the weather. Thanks :) 
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Just click on the .ini that you wish to hide, e.g. TimeAndDate.ini and click on the "Unload" button. Good luck :)
TheRealBrommer's avatar must have changed something. It's not working anymore !

A little side note. I modified mine to include high/low temp below the "degree" symbol for today, because if it's 21 (in your case) degrees C, i need to know whether that's the today's max or not, as during summer it can be as high as 45C where it live in Oz. 
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Mine is still working without any issues.
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new to all this here. weather's not showing.. might have messed something up.. does the following look right? (mainly around weather code and url.)

;Choose your Weather Location from

;Choose your Units: m=Metric, i=Imperial;

;Weather Url;…
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You don't have to change URL link. Tell me which city weather you wish to display.
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