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Snow Leopard Tattoo Completed

Seen in one of my old devation of a friend draing spots on my back. Well I finaly made It final. Here It be. Relativly painless compaired to injuries I'v Had. Too one 6 hour session to complete.

Tattoo Artist: Darrel Dary
Location: Cat Tattoo company Dallas, TX [link]
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Simple and stunning. Never mind that I am five years late. ;)
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I love the spots.. I'm thinking of getting some of my own for a sleeve, did you use any particular reference to get the spots right?
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Cool! Reminds me'a Pixie from LA ink
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Ahh sweet thats awesome ^^
Nakuru-Nebelung's avatar
Wow, this is a real tatoo :jawdrop: ??? >Impressive!
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Ooooh I love it. I've got half of my lower leg done, after seeing this I'm tempted to get my full leg covered.
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Awww, red skins X3 *rubs on A&D ointment*
Very sex ;3
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sweet! looks awsome! yeah how much was it by the way? need to know how much i need to start saving up x.x
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yikes.. oh well, I dont want it to cover that much of my back so it hopefully wont be that expensive.
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nice =D how much it set you back?
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$650 baby and Im still going to FC bam
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