A release for those who love patterns and gradients, Krita 4.4.0 has a ton of new fill layer goodness like screen-tones, scriptable fill layers with seexpr, and pattern transformation, as well as a lot of gradient goodness in the form of gradients that dynamically change with the fore or background color changing as well as gradient maps for brushes and textures. The latter set allows for creating brushes that do the following in a single stroke:
Flowers Gradients Lightness
You can get it here!
This version has new filters, new tools and a ton of bugfixes too!
We have been super busy with the resource rewrite past few months, to the point we almost had no time to make a stable release. But 4.2.9 comes with a ton of bugfixes and some small enhancements to the color smudge brush and layer split dialog.
We hope you'll have fun painting!
Another bug fix release, Krita 4.2.8 brings fixes to vectors, improvements to the transform tool and more aggressive checks for saving on windows. We'll be continuing bug fix releases, with the biggest fix the rewritten resource management that we're preparing for 4.3.
For several years, our community has been spread over all social media, sometimes never overlapping. Being free (libre) software, Krita is fundamentally a community project, so we wanted to strengthen the community, by having a place where people can share their experiences, art, resources, tips and just generally chat.
Raghukamath, a longtime Krita user and manual contributor has decided to set up https://krita-artists.org/, a discourse forum to fit exactly this specific need. We hope that it will thrive and generally ensure that members of the Krita community can find one another without the burdens of having to sign up for a huge social media website.
A lot of people have signed up already, showing off their art, and maybe you want to join us too!


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