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So, we try our hardest best to answer all your questions. To make this easier on us, and to make it easier for you to find answers as well as help other Krita users, we launched You can ask questions both without an account as well as with the KDE Identity account you use for the forum. If you want to help us or just know the answer to a question, you can answer questions with the KDE identity account.

Let's hope this helps you find your answers far more easily!

Official announcement
We collected 26,426 Euro during this fundraiser! Thank you for all your support!…

We also had a release with many bugfixes, over 40!:…

This amount of bugfixes was because we did a bugfixing sprint in the last week of the fundraiser, read all about it here:…

Of course, we're going to keep on bugfixing with the money we collected, so look forward to more bugfixes coming to Krita soon!…

This has dozens of usability and bugfixes, making updating a definite plus!…

We're doing a fundraiser this year, this time we're going to focus on polishing Krita as much as we can.

Donators can vote on the area we should prioritize, and 50 euro donators get access to the new Digital Atelier dvd by Ramón Miranda

Krita 4.0 has been released!

  • New Text Tool
  • Improved vector tools
  • Python Scripting
  • A ton of brush related features, such as a reworked brush settings editor, fixes for the color smudge, masked brushes and new default brush presets!
  • Colorize Mask
  • And much much more

You can check out a video with the features here.


Follow this link:… to join the monthly drawing challenges.

Why your submissions was denied: krita-free-art-app.deviantart.…

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