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Krita 4.0 has been released!

  • New Text Tool
  • Improved vector tools
  • Python Scripting
  • A ton of brush related features, such as a reworked brush settings editor, fixes for the color smudge, masked brushes and new default brush presets!
  • Colorize Mask
  • And much much more

You can check out a video with the features here.

For the 4.0 release.

The Krita Developers and editors are looking for your artwork to feature it on the Release Page for Krita 4.0.

So sent your work to and how you want to be credited.

There are some rules of course:

  • No fanart
  • No Gore
  • No Pornography

Post on Twitter:…
Forum post about this:…

Keep in mind that they can't feature each piece if they get too many submissions.
Don't comment here with your artwork, sent it to the email address in the text above.…

Hey hey, we've release a new beta! With a ton of bugfixes and polish!

We're also updating our default brush presets, and would like you to test them! We even created survey for you to fill in(check the post for more details).…

This contains the new text tool, masked brushes, colorize mask and much much more!

Check out the news post for more details!…

This fixes some bugs introduced in 3.3.1.

Also, we've made a new development build of 4.0:…

Now including more features, speedups, and example python scripts. This version is super unstable, so mostly use it to have a little fun and not to do your asignment that is due in 2 hours with ;)


Follow this link:… to join the monthly drawing challenges.

Why your submissions was denied: krita-free-art-app.deviantart.…

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