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We have released the 4.2.3 bugfix release

A ton of bugfixes, including the startup crash have been resolved. We also have support for touch-rotation in this release: an feature we could pluck from one of the google summer of code projects.

Check the link for more bugfixes!
Bug fix release, get it here

The fixes range from crashes to tablet issues to small fixes. No fix for the 'krita doesn't start' yet, but we have figured out what is causing that.

Check out the release post!

This release’s aim was to polish Krita, but we have many new features as well. Areas that have gotten improvements:

  • Selections, moving, creating, transforming selections has all been improved.
  • Multicore Performance Improvements with brushes.
  • Color palettes (And with Gamut masks also improved color harmony tools)
  • A lot of polish in animation with a better view of memory consumption and better feedback on why rendering won’t work.
  • Several new brush engine features.
  • Support for HDR displays on windows.
  • And even more!

The main reason to update is that there’s a ton of bugfixes. Especially tablets have had an overhaul here.

If you come across bugs, please report them to under the product Krita. If you have questions, please try the manual, ask site or the forum (but try not to post everywhere at once). If you would like to contribute, a huge help post-release is to help other users with their questions, whether on the ask site, or on tumblr, or on any other place on the internet.
Hey, we’re making another test build for 4.2, this time to test two important patches.

The first one changes the way opacity and flow behave, and thus very important for brush creators.

The second changes the save and load system so that we can load 4gb kra files. This is something that is necessary because some people make really large kra files when doing animation and while Krita could save those, it didn’t load them.

Please help us out to decide the state of these patches by trying the test builds and filling out the survey form linked at the bottom of the page.

Other bug reports are of course also welcome, but should go to under the product Krita. For general questions, check
We just released Krita 4.1.7 with 16 bugfixes of all shapes and sizes!


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