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What is Krita?

Krita is a free and open source, KDE program for sketching and painting, offering an end–to–end solution for creating digital painting files from scratch by masters.

Fields of painting that Krita explicitly supports are concept art, creation of comics and textures for rendering.

Modelled on existing real-world painting materials and workflows, Krita supports creative working by getting out of the way and with snappy response.

You can download Krita for free (as well as all the latest news and improvements) at
The documentation is online at and includes introduction guides and tutorials.
See what other Krita users are doing on our forums.

If you are having trouble uploading krita made images, check this tutorial for a step-by-step for converting your image to a nice deviantart-ready png or jpg.

If you have any other questions, the best place to ask them is

We only accept images that had Krita used in making them. When submitting images to this group, be sure to tag it with Krita or mention Krita in the description, so that we can verify that.
Hi everyone,
After several years of hard work, we present to you Krita 5.0!
This release has a ton of new features, here's a short list:
  • The way Krita handles things like brushes, gradients and palettes, as well as tagging, has been completely revamped. The new system is much faster, uses much less memory and is much more dependable!
  • Gradients have been improved: they are far smoother and can handle wider gamuts.
  • The smudge brush engine has been completely rewritten, and we’ve got a new brush engine, based on MyPaint
  • The Animation system has been overhauled, with both user interface improvements and new features, such as clone frames and animated transform masks
  • Krita now has a built-in storyboard editor!
  • There’s a recorder to create a video out of your painting sessions
  • And way, way, more.
We hope you enjoy this release, and wish you happy holidays!
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