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Lightning Superstorm (2018) from The Asylum by KristinViolet89 Lightning Superstorm (2018) from The Asylum by KristinViolet89


A series of lightning superstorm strikes around Los Angeles reunites two troubled child stars who are the couples of a once prestigious climate scientist. One of them suspects her father is behind it and upon further investigation, they discover that all of her father's comrades are dead - victims of lightning superstorm strikes. Soon their suspicions are confirmed as her father hijacks radio and TV transmissions to relay the message that unless a certain Mayor who canceled his acting career contracts is handed over, the city of Los Angeles will suffer the consequences. As the child stars race to form a plan that can defeat her father, he lets loose a variety of diabolical weather weapons on the Hollywood Sign, Capitol Records Tower and Hollywood Bowl, and Downtown Los Angeles.


  • Kirk Cameron as Mike Seaver, a recently released convict and child star, Ricky's brother.

  • Soleil Moon Frye as Penelope “Punky” Brewster, a soldier returning to her family.

  • Todd Bridges as Willis Jackson, the scientist of Los Angeles.

  • Ian Ziering as Richard "Ricky" Seaver, student and older brother of Mike.

  • Ashton Kutcher as Leopold "Leo" Brewster, husband to Punky and father of Chloe.

  • Francesca Capaldi as Chloe Brewster, daughter of Punky and Leo Brewster.

  • Tina Yothers as Jennifer Keaton, child star of The Seavers.

  • Cassie Scerbo as Jessica Goldberg, love interest of Ricky, angering her boyfriend, Data.

  • Jonathan Ke Quan as Richard “Data” Wang, Jessica's boyfriend who bullies Ricky.

  • Sean Astin as Mikey, one of Data's friends

  • Jeff Cohen as Chunk, one of Data's friends

  • Bruce Hornsby as George Clinton, Mayor of Los Angeles.

  • Shannon Elizabeth as Carrie Keaton, a waitress married to Agent Steven Keaton

  • Meredith Baxter as Elyse Keaton, a mother searching for her daughter and husband

  • Michael Gross as Agent Steven Keaton, Carrie's husband

KristinViolet89 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2017  Professional Photographer
It's better than Sharknado and Lavalantula.
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