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Nearly touching

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Just finished this the other day. I wanted to share with you fellow GT fans. Personaly I think it's one of my best!! I like the look on her face, The combination of fear and confusion.

To be honest, this has always been my favorite part of any GT encounter. The first "pick up" that first touch or grip or grasp. It's that split second before that I love. Like this moment right here. Is the giant a villian or a hero? How will she be held? In a grip? or cupped gently? In this moment you hold your breath, and hear your heart beating loudly and forcfully inside your chest just wondering or visulizing "What is going to happen next?" That my friends is up to your imagination.

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HornetWaspCrewHobbyist General Artist
Ooo I like it, is it alright if I could use this to make a sketch on ibisPaintX for my cousin, Doc if it's alright with you?
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Very well drawn.:) (Smile) 
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Micro-MikeHobbyist Digital Artist
Really fantastic drawing! I really like the details on the hand and the expression of the girls face.
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TFAngelwolfStudent Digital Artist
uh.........I have a question.....Can I use this as a base?
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hands0and0girlsHobbyist Traditional Artist
very nice
it is well drawn and colored :D
Success fella (Reactions) 
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This little one is not going anywhere.
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What a well written and beautiful description of this scenario.
Such an exciting fantasy. :-)
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Love it. Also my fav part of a GT encounter. as a writer I am always kind of let down when I start to read a promising story and this moment is basicly ignored or summed up in one boring sentence like "He snatched her up". Beautiful pic.
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KristineButterflyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much! I feel the same way when reading a promising story and it is glossed over and I am left empty.
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I've always loved this and similar drawings of yours! I hope you make more like them for fans like me!
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KristineButterflyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh thank you! I hope I continue to do so as well.
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AmenaraeHobbyist General Artist
I agree entirely. I love that moment! You do amazing work!
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KristineButterflyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for such a nice compliment dear!
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Great hand!
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blcksheepHobbyist General Artist
Very good job drawing that hand! :D
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KristineButterflyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you!
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ZvartHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love it. Well done!

Also wow, you are really good at drawing hands O_O
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KristineButterflyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh thank you dear!! and I'm not that great at drawing hands, it was just a really really good day. But thank you thank you! I'm so glad someone thinks I'm good at hands!!
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so beautiful
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I'm wondering if you'd be willing to be the artist in a comic series I want to do. It takes place fifty years later from Secret world of Arrietty with different characters. So it turns out that Sho was being subjected to seires of Tests by two godlike figures that I have called (with a lack of imagination) the Testmakers. He failed the second one, and now two Test subjects later, we have Mark Traytantom (his last name is an anagram of my nickname and last name) meeting Lula Clunk because she fell into his messenger bag just before he went to work.

The First Test regards how the subject reacts to meeting a Borrower. If they do not kill or capture them, they move on to the second, which is about how they'd react to a threat to their little friends. The Final Test, invoked by averting the threat BEFORE it comes to pass (which is wh Sho failed), takes place in an alternate universe the Testmakers pull the two into. I'd say more, but I don't want to spoil it.

(Must be honest, I asked Kindii first, but she said she doesn't do comics.)
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This one is real awesome too. The emotional expression on the girls face is perfect and it's something I sometimes imagine when having a giant encounter.
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Thunderscape-7Hobbyist General Artist
This is a cool concept.
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