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Tudor Queens 3 - Jane Seymour



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Here's number 3 in my series of Tudor Queens =)

"Jane Seymour (c.1508 – 24 October 1537) was Queen of England as the third wife of King Henry VIII. She succeeded Anne Boleyn as queen consort following the latter's execution for charges of high treason, witchcraft, incest and adultery in May 1536. She died of postnatal complications less than two weeks after the birth of her only child, a son who reigned as Edward VI. She was the only one of Henry's wives to receive a queen's funeral, and his only consort to be buried beside him in St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, as she was the woman that Henry loved the most and gave the only male heir to."

(quoted from Wikipedia -… )

Time: about 10-20h
Medium: Photoshop + Wacom tablet
Background here is an overpainted photo (my own)
Hands referenced from Cobweb-stock
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Jane is such an interesting figure and might just be one of my favorites of the wives. I know she wasn‘t as loud or quick-witted as most of the others, but that’s part of what makes her so interesting to me. She’s this quiet supporter of Catholics subtly trying to promote their interests, bringing Mary back to court and begging for the lives of those on the Pilgrimage of Grace. Used as a pawn by her family, but took advantage of that position to support her religion. Such an interesting woman, I really do wonder what would’ve gone down had she not died so soon (then again, wonder how long it would've taken for the fat bastard to chop her head off too).

Although I gotta say, despite her relationship with Henry frequently being painted as romantic, I highly doubt that was the case, considering the way he threatened to murder her. She wasn’t just shy and quiet because it was in her nature, she was that way because she was trying not to incite his wrath and the only reason Henry ”loved“ her was because she gave him a son. By then, he loved whatever image he could paint onto her. Tbh, after awhile Henry seemed to love what people could do for him rather than love people.