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Skintone Tutorial part 2+3

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Here's the first part: [link]

This is the second and third part of a big skintone painting tutorial I did last year. (it just wasn't until now that I found the time to assemble everything and finish it) :)
Please note that this is just "my" way to learn/paint/observe, and I can't guarantee that it'll make things "click" for everybody; I'm not a teacher after all and still have SO much to learn!

By the way, I put this in the "Photoshop" category since I used Photoshop here (with a Wacom Intuos tablet), but ANY painting program (Gimp, Painter, SAI, Opencanvas) can be used; since this isn't a software-specific tutorial - it's just about painting skintones!

Have fun, and thank you for reading! :D
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thanks a lot! This is very helpful! :)
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Cool , Thanks for sharing this . . . . :)
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Thanks for this it will be very helpful for my next piece of work me and a friend are swapping styles, she's done one of my pictures in hard cells and I'm doing it soft cells x3 so this is very helpful xP and I use photoshop so that's even better xD
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Thanks a lot ^.^
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awesome! the first one too! :)
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this is really great I just want to let you know that I appreceate people like you taking the time to make these ... SUPER PROPS!
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your very welcome keep up the great work!
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Oh, this is really helpful! Thanks so much :D
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Superb tutorial... I just have a question about mixing colors with PS brushes: when I ventured into a project, it seems that I change always the blending modes of the brushes between lighten and darken, and the project takes forever. How do you set your brushes to make them mixed together?
Thanks :wave:
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I use the "Normal" mode for brushes almost always. To make mixes/overlays, I press the pen onto the tablet only very lightly. This results in lower opacity :)
(provided that you use a graphics tablet and have set your brushes' opacity and size to pen pressure in PS)
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Thanks for the clue. I feel very newbie... I have a Bamboo graphic tablet, and I did not know that we could set those modes, really ;) I will give another try... Thx :rose:
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Check out this tutorial - It explains the whole brushes thing quite well:
... among many other things; it also explains how to make your own custom brushes :)
You're welcome!
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You`re very kind, thanks!
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Awesome tutorial. :love:
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very impressive, thanks for sharing ^^
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... thank you.
Thank you.
~Thank. You.~

I've found lately that I have no idea how to approach coloring skin. I thought I'd tried everything- doing the color-blob thing, constantly observing and trying to figure out every little tone from my favorite pictures, and the best I'd ever end up with was spray-tanned Barbie tones. This was extremely helpful in making me realize that realistic skin tones don't just depend on certain colors, but can be created a ton of different ways. It's a great tutorial. :]
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ohh....great tut, thanks so much!!!
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Thanks so much been looking here and about for something very similar to this! +fav & +watch!
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these are so helpful, i have such a hard time with skins ; w ;
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Super, dass du so nahtlos weitermachst! Deine Art ist wirklich mal etwas anderes. Ich glaube, das kann sowohl Anfängern als auch Fortgeschrittenen wirklich helfen, auch als Anstoß im Hinterkopf.

Und gut, dass du jetzt ein lesbareres Farblayout gewählt hast! Vielleicht nicht ganz so schick, aber viel besser lesbar. :)
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schöööönes tut, gefällt mir
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