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Still life done at Angel Academy of Art :)

Oil on canvas, about 40x54 cm.

In the first complex still life assignment students do, they're given specific rules: There has to be an element with something handwritten in it, a small object with a strong color in the foreground, and a large, bulky element in the background.
Elements have to be arranged in such a way that there are three different levels of depth in the setup: the big, bulky thing far back has to be barely visible, the middle ground object lighter, and the frontmost object has to be lightest.

I painted a little bit every weekday while getting constant feedback from our painting teacher, the whole process stretched out over an entire trimester (about 3 months).

We use the so-called sight-size method for drawing and painting all objects (still lives AND plaster casts) - here you can read more about it:………

The work progress consists of several steps; basically they are:

1) preliminary simple drawing, getting shapes right
2) more detailed drawing
3) getting values right (monochrome)
4) blocking in flat but accurate color
5) refining, detailing, rendering, correcting - one object at a time

Thank you for looking! ;D
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Novester-Finch's avatar
Love the detail of the metal pitcher and that it really looks metallic. Great work!
ValentineDeulin's avatar
It's beautiful and sophisticated. I really love it. I don't have no words to describe that perfect work.
ChaoticClaire's avatar
Eigentlich hab ich Stillleben noch nie wirklich irgendetwas abgewinnen können, aber dieses Bild ist einfach nur der Wahnsinn!
Habs auf Animexx gesehen und war sofort fasziniert ^^
primulatook's avatar
a lovely still life...
MandaCait's avatar
I really like it, it doesn't seems a photo: it seems real, I feel like I can feel the paper and the soft petals under my fingertips.
sailornoelle's avatar
I think it is beautiful. I would love to be able to paint like this. Practice makes perfect, I suppose. :iconadmireplz:
ElenaMalec's avatar
excellent piece.Please consider joining my group.
Kel-art's avatar
One of my favourites of your amazing gallery...
Awesome work
ANTI-WARHOL's avatar
Excellent work!!!
designdiva3's avatar
MioPuriB-B's avatar
wow, very nice still life. It reminds of romantism, you create a great mood, well done :)
MyFantasie's avatar
nice painting! Question: Since you painted this for 3 months and flowers only last a few days, How did you manage to paint when the flowers had died off?
bettimolli's avatar
Its perfect !!! You are awesome !!!!
MsAsharah's avatar
Are you able to make shadows not with a black but with colours? I ask because I love more modern art not academic art in modern time XD
Its pretty good art btw.
KristinaGehrmann's avatar
Not sure what you mean. I've painted shadows in all kinds of colors (check out my other paintings) :) I'll be glad to answer any painting related questions. Thank you <3
MsAsharah's avatar
In most of your paintings you use darker colours to make shadows like bronze or black. Its other ways to show shadows like use blue or purple colour. I think about Paul Cezanne still life- [link] or a modern art like Henri Matisse [link]
They use just a colour to show shadows.
I think with your skills this technique will look really amazing. I have fev people on my studies whose make arts in this way and it looks really fresh, modern and beautifull. I dont think that make shadows with black is bad- no way! But its like a klasicizm art which is the past and I think maybe world have to many arts like this? Its just my opinion Im not good on painting so I cant teach anyone.
I hope you can understand me XD
I admire your artistic skills- youre really good on it and plese make it how long you can :)
dreamarian's avatar
:iconblueheartplz: You've been featured in my news article! :iconblueheartplz:
USSspecial's avatar
This is incredible! Love the composition and the values.
rorsdors's avatar
Bloody hell but this is good1
dizzy-miro's avatar
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