What should I do about artists whom I've PREPAID for commissions but have failed to deliver? I've already contacted them for refunds with no response.
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Publicly shame them in a "Buyer Beware" post
Report them to deviantArt (is this even an option)
Cut your losses and simmer in your own disappointment
Any other suggestions about what I can do?
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OH that's just NOT COOL, ugh, I do a half before, half after type deal, but sheesh, commission artists are supposed to be trustworthy, this gives all good honest ones a bad name :( I even accept payment AFTER in certain circumstances, they just only get a low low resolution preview until they pay. *pulls at own hair*
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Did they give you a promise date for work performed?
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No. But it's been about 17 months now :tears:
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Its time to take off the gloves then.....do everything and anything you can to make DA and users aware of the "artist."
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I would definitely make others aware of them if they do not respond to any of your messages o.o
Its a shame something like this happened ;v; Artists shouldn't break the trust of a commissioner when they willing to prepay :(