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Daily Wallpaper #30 - Redrawseer by VictorImaginator Daily Wallpaper #30 - Redrawseer :iconvictorimaginator:VictorImaginator 23 6
Breathtaking photomanipulations
.: winter dream :. by GokhanKaraag :thumb100571961: Come Out From There by DusterAmaranth Enchanted Realm by RoadioArts Hybridization by StigmaChina :thumb102201952: The Slope Landscape by RoadioArts The Shipwreck by RoadioArts Magical moment 2 by RoadioArts ALONE by Braq :thumb100943375: :thumb100384768: :thumb98550114: African Bread Hut by Onanymous 02_the_day_the_world_went_away by Fluox3tine hiwaga by RoadioArts traveller in the dark by jggy The Night Folk by jggy There is a light... by Atra-Virago The Manipulated by RoadioArts Land of Desolation by RoadioArts The Way to the Secret Kingdom by RoadioArts Dreamspace Reloaded 38 by DenisOlivier The Druids by Pygar Water Spirit by Pygar Sky Master by RoadioArts the light for lost... by Alcove From Somewhere Else by MoOnshine90 :thumb73246422: My little berry taste by Eireen :thumb83891927: Empty by RoadioArts The High Mystery by RoadioArts White Castle by vimark Somber Castle by vimark falls by RoadioArts :thumb94125806: :thumb67001041: When the darkness fades away by intano The Cardinal by MADmoiselleMeli the forbidden mountain by RoadioArts Slave angel by mariano7724 The edge of faith by RoadioArts Dreamspace Reloaded 21 by DenisOlivier Silent Ceremony reissue by Karezoid :thumb83506087: In loneliness... by Karezoid :thumb77322672: The Cube by voogee Her resting place by EmberRoseArt :thumb74682166: :thumb74
:iconmaariusz:maariusz 12 5
Mai's Beauty Is Breathtaking In The Outdoors!!! by E-DigitalFantasy
Mature content
Mai's Beauty Is Breathtaking In The Outdoors!!! :icone-digitalfantasy:E-DigitalFantasy 100 3
Suppressed Thoughts
So much silence
it comes alive
filling the spaces
at every rise
such long years
of empty time,
spent lost and lonely
in mountains high.
Seeping through the
valleys low
come mists of wand'ring
trails due
in my mind the knowledge rings,
a loud silence heard by all,
speaking clear and true.
My heart, it tears
with each word unspoken,
and the meanings behind...
have long ago been missed;
hidden beneath layers
of a toughened resistance.
What are words then,
when suppressed by
deafening blankets,
drowning unheard feelings?
What are words when made,
to lie under a stronger voice,
a voice that much louder
than a wispy whisper
so carefully uttered aloud.
These silent words express not
the feelings that are felt,
the listener shall never know
until minds are allowed to speak;
to break free from their chains
so, once again I ask
what words are then...
if you do not say what is meant?
:iconparafinniea:Parafinniea 1 0
It is too quiet
Being silent,
all the time,
being quiet,
quite sublime.
But trapped in silence,
void of sound,
horrible solitude,
persona is drowned.
Dont speak,
dont call,
be meek,
and silent to all.
To be loud and outspoken,
free of private silence,
the voice longs to be awoken,
to be free,
the silence would be broken,
alas it can not be.
:iconvanburace25:Vanburace25 2 0
Unspoken Word
Distract me from my mind.
Help me pass the time
In this mental institute of mine.
I keep whispering sweet nothings
To myself, but
They all seem like lies.
I try to derail this train of thoughts
But it seems as though it's all for not.
I cut myself off mid-sentence
Trying to lessen my sentence
In this prison I've built myself
With no walls.
Trust me, I've tried.
I don't even rhyme.
I think I'm getting better,
But I'm losing my mind!
One minute fine
Next minute out of line.
Let's keep it together.
Pull myself together in an
:iconkensie300:kensie300 3 2
Balance by Marcks Balance :iconmarcks:Marcks 136 17 Rainbow Eye: The Making of by Lilyas Rainbow Eye: The Making of :iconlilyas:Lilyas 487 52 Rainbow Eye: Love and Light by Lilyas Rainbow Eye: Love and Light :iconlilyas:Lilyas 6,559 402 DeviantART People - Extended by Lilyas DeviantART People - Extended :iconlilyas:Lilyas 866 696 Hypercube by Lilyas Hypercube :iconlilyas:Lilyas 4,217 246
Is truth
Is life
Love is everything that you have denied!
Is pain
Is a beautiful refrain
Love is so real, and it never really fades!
Love is anything you can imagine!
Love is holding someone close,
Love is passion!
And the only time you need to cry,
Is when love is not by your side
Love could just save your life...
Love is what you need it to be
Is learning
Is yearning
Love is desire that is burning!
Fills that empty space
Is written on my face
Love is so real, and it has it's own taste!
Love is anything you can imagine!
Love is holding someone close,
Love is passion!
And the only time you need to cry,
Is when love is not by your side
Love could just save your life...
Love is what you need it to be
Love is free...!
Love will save you,
And love can make you,
Do things of which you've never dreamed
Love is both silence and screams...!
Love will build you,
After you've been brought down
Love is all around...
Tell me, can you hear the sound..
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 109 157
the art of making love
you and i make love
without ever taking our clothes off:
through the cheesy poems we write for
each other, through all the sidelong
glances across the dinner table. your
palm pressed into the small of my back,
or when i have to reach up on my toes
(or sometimes, jump) just to place my
arms around your neck. when we nuzzle
our noses like inuits in the cold and
talk about growing old together. when
you start to fret when we aren't
holding hands, when i see your face
in a mirror and smile and suddenly
feel beautiful. all the gentle kisses,
laughing until my ribs might crack,
holding back tears when it's been too
long since i've seen you.
     this is how we make love.
:iconforestmeetwildfire:forestmeetwildfire 35 37
Mature content
Making ROMANCE :iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 414 122
Making love
Embrace. Face to face.
Bodies pressed. Flesh compressed.
Heavy breath. Love till death.
Sweaty heat. Heartbeat.
Lust. Thrust.
Pause. Cause.
I' love you. I love' you.
Eyes closed tight. Powerful might.
Emotions flow. Hands down low.
Pleasure pleases. Pressure teases.
In and out. Bodies close about.
Lay purely toggether. Make love forever.
:iconamulet82:Amulet82 171 27
Hands Behind Your Back by justafailurebydesign Hands Behind Your Back :iconjustafailurebydesign:justafailurebydesign 5 3



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