Contest III

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Hello lovlies!
We're having another contest!


The theme is: Robsten

Starting Date: 17th November 2012
Finishing Date: 14th December 2012

:iconkittydividerplz::iconkittydivider2plz::iconkittydivider3plz::iconkittydivider4plz:SUBMISSION RULES

:bulletred:  This contest is open to members of #Kristen-Stewart
(if you are not already a member you can always join)

:bulletred:  must be new, made for this contest
(submitted on dA on or after 17th November 2012)

:bulletred:  you must include that it is for our contest in the artist's comment
(use our group icon :iconKristen-Stewart : )

:bulletred: only original art, it must be 1oo% done by you.
(collages made with manips by other authors, draws edited and coloured will be rejected, also if you use texture you must give credit).

:bulletred: alll mediums are allowed; traditional, digital, photography, photomanipulation…you name it, I’d love to see it!

:bulletred:  you may submit up to 4 pieces
(which must be considerably different from one another and only one can win a prize. You may choose to change your submission at any time, merely send me the link of your old entry, along with the link of your new one & I'll make the switch  )

:iconkittydividerplz::iconkittydivider2plz::iconkittydivider3plz::iconkittydivider4plz: HOW TO SUBMIT

:bulletred:  All entries must be submitted to the
"CONTEST III Robsten"  folder

:iconkittydividerplz::iconkittydivider2plz::iconkittydivider3plz::iconkittydivider4plz: PRIZES

:bulletpink: 1st Place Winner
* 3 Month Subscription from #Kristen-Stewart

:bulletpink:  2nd Place Winner
*  200 points from #Kristen-Stewart

:bulletpink: 3rd Place Winner
*  100 points from #Kristen-Stewart

:rzero:   All finalists will win a feature in our group.

║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌│║▌ ║▌█║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌│║▌ ║▌█

If you would like to make a donation please visit my page where you can find donation pool!
If you would like to contribute a prize, such as journal features, llamas etc… we will be highly appreciated. All you have to do is 'note' me & I'll update it with your donation.
You can still enter if you've offered to donate a prize.

Any questions, comments, suggestions?
So lets have fun and Good luck! (:
© 2012 - 2021 Kristen-Stewart
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rx7871's avatar
Soooo joining in!
SofiesWorld's avatar
Just watch for the deadline, and good luck (:
Koreonn's avatar
I can't remember if I said I would do the other contest, but this one I will definitely do. <3 I really need to show how devoted I am to this group. xD
One question... is the 1st place prize a three month premium? If it is, can the 1st place winner ask for something else if they already had a premium? Just curious. Cx
SofiesWorld's avatar
Yes it is. I was thinking about that, and sure she/he can choose something else (even 636 points).
Just watch for the deadline and good luck.
Juliet-M's avatar
Thank you for prolonging the finishing date - I was just thinking, that I won't finish the drawing in 2 days... I guess could make it after all!!!:D
SofiesWorld's avatar
nackmu's avatar
Ok, I just saw that the deadline will be 1st of Dec!! :jawdrop: You gave us half a month... I thought it'd be end of the year?... well, then, I don't think that I'll make it. Sorry...

Would there be any possibility for extention?? :pray:
SofiesWorld's avatar
We have only two submissions, so yes, I will extend it :)
nackmu's avatar
:phew: This releases me. Thank you!!! :woohoo:
msfubli's avatar
oh, can't wait
SofiesWorld's avatar
PondInTheTardis's avatar
Definitely going to enter!
SofiesWorld's avatar
♥ and good luck
PondInTheTardis's avatar
Allie06's avatar
looking for judges? if not I´ll participate
SofiesWorld's avatar
please, I am counting on you to be one of the judges (:
Allie06's avatar
thanks Sophie. I´m in.
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