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Lunar Eclipse

By kristarella
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First half of the lunar eclipse (aka blood moon) on 28 Aug 2007.
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Awesome!! I got shots too!! :boogie:

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Thanks - so you did. Nice :)
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Fantastic! We missed it... dumb clouds. Very cool to see this, even after the fact. Thanks for posting it! :)
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No worries! Bummer you missed it. I was unnaturally excited about it! It was a bit odd for me to be so hyper - it was a good thing though because afterwards I helped friends design wedding invites and it took 'til 1am!
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Wow thats some really good shots of it!! I tried taking some pics with my sisters Cannon SLR but they all came blury! and i even tried leaning it on a fence. So i have a big respect for your focused pictures!
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I found that the white ones are fairly easy to take - the moon is actually a lot brighter than we might think and the camera doesn't sense that, you need the increase the shutter speed more than the camera would automatically. Once it went red though it was pretty difficult, I did exposures of 1 or 2 seconds.
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Well done. Did you move the camera to get that shot or was that the natural path of the moon?
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Thanks! Neither really. Each was taken about mid-frame at a different time. I put them all together to get an idea of what the whole thing looks like. :)
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Nice. I did something similar, but I did not do as good of a job focusing as you did. ;)
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Cheers, that's lovely :)
It helps to have a large zoom lens... I generally use the balcony fence to lean on for taking moon shots. I have a tripod, but I find the fence is more convenient - it's quicker and I think the large lens might unbalance the tripod a tad and cause shaking from the mirror reflex. It's the theory that I'm going with for now anyway :)
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