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FT Army

By Kristallin-F
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Fairy Tail, fanart.

I changed it since the first version.

From Fandom Kombat 2013.

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Well you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of those two that's for sure! Love this, the lighting is amazing! :heart:
save00us's avatar
laxus looks weird
YuuShinku's avatar
Wow..Erza looks stunning!
Avalonn02's avatar
Awesome art! Laxus' posture looks a little strange to me xD
windiest2001's avatar
Епт у меня слов нет!
zorosen's avatar
there is no words to explain how awesome epic this is, Erza looks fantastic, also impressive armor design :D, Laxus is badass as always, And the fan art is simply Epic, an unstoppable duo :D.
Sue718's avatar
Erza is awesome but Laxus build has a lot more muscle.
Belle48x's avatar
Awesome coloring! Erza's armor looks really cool! Great job!
Amenah's avatar
The colouring omg the coloourrriinnggg *o*
It's so true though - these two could easily wipe out armies upon armies if they wanted to. *smh*
IamJakuhoRaikoben's avatar
This is absolutely phenomenal!!! I adore every piece of art you do! 
AirGearSuchti's avatar

even if its not meant to be LaxusXErza i will just imagine that xD ( big shipper of them :P

hope to see more of them ^^
lumberjacck's avatar
Cool! It's nice seeing them together like this. Is that Erza's armor a real one? I don't remember seeing it.
Juviaaa's avatar
this one is very epic
I think it would be even better if all S-class mage this would (at least mirajne)
but only with the two it looks totally great
JCMX's avatar
oohh!! so fuckig epic!! *O* beautiful!!
ginevras's avatar
Great details!
TombGotti's avatar
Laxus arms look real funny needs work but other than that EPIC!!!
AceTrooper07's avatar
u better not face this team!! awesome work!!! :D
vereisdsman's avatar
Очередные Нацу, страдающие накама-пауэром. Нацу с сиськами и Нацу с баками. Но арт хорош, да
Devi-chans-Art's avatar
badass!!!!!!! love their faces and this Picture suits the actual new chapter.
laxus protects thunder trbe members +town and erza would protect (hope so) jellal.
RukiaFanGirl's avatar
Erza looks wonderful and bad ass.:D
although Laxus's arm's pose is a bit interesting^^'
but i love it :)
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