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Foremost they - are copy of original timeline, but their “universe” isn’t common like others, because they don’t have their own Sans. 

Frisk did Genocide when they were in gamer’s control. Her favourite location is Waterfall (I now started drew them with wreath(made of Echo Flowers) and blue feather in hair).
Chara are not a great person, but they are good person, not Evil. They like to weaving wreaths (made of buttercups and others flowers)

Flowey after long time finally finded his meaning of life.

He eating buttercups. It is a cannibalism? In this point his is evil.

But at others points… not evil. Cute cannibal-flower(not human-cannibal), who eat buttercups and cookie with not real determination(it’s like red chocolate). Can you believe this?

Some info about Paper Figure! Frisk, Chara and Flowey what you must to know if you like my PF!characters:

Frisk - have no age; they/them; likes Watterfall; afraid of Genocide; they have no idea why they made Genocide; afraid of Chara; trust in Flowey and Chara; like to dancing; love to wearing tutu and ballet shoes; shy; very quiet; post Pacifist Child; have a black eyes; new in Paper Figures company;

Chara - have no age; but they are older than Frisk; they/them; know Frisk and their resets of time; was Frisk’s narrator; likes Ruins; likes Golden flowers; likes Buttercups; gave a pity to Frisk; trust in Flowey; not trust in Frisk; Golden Flower tea - their favourite; likes drawing; likes her buttercups wreath; not loud human; ghost-human; have a body; because they are copy of original Chara; likes chocolate; have a worn dagger; have a chocolate-brown eyes; have not stable LV;

Flowey - have no age; maybe boy?; older than Frisk; like to eat buttercups and their petals; have no favourite Underground’s locations; have Asriel’s dust and memories, but he is not Asriel; not exactly soulless; hate Asgor’s gargen; don’t ask me why; have a green tongue; still a little evil flower; have not stable LV; have a black poisonous paint on his petals; trust in Chara; not ready to trust Frisk; can be everywhere he wants to;

You can find how they looks like here

I don't sure about Frisk's and Chara's gender in this AU.

Stay Determinated~

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And now my hand (or my mind) don't want draw Asriel, only Flowey. Maybe I can fix this.

Or maybe not.

Because Asriel is literally died in my mind (P.S. Story in (Pacifist/Neutral) New Home) and lost his soul. Maube I will draw him like a ghost (with Flowey of course), but after I draw some Undertale AU arts.

Stay determinated?

And I must get some rest. 
Hi everyone!
I know that for a long time didn't posted new drawings,but I don't have time even for a normal picture Ladybug... My pictures for this fandom are worse than I thought.... But soon I will try to do something normal and posted here.
I promise.
And I think soon to draw well-known Sunset Shimmer and maybe draw a reference of my OC
I'll meet you on my drawings! Bye!

You want to see my "welcome page"? So.. Here you go!

My real name is Sofia. I am 14 years old, and I made OC name is Kristalina Shining. 

On my page you can see fan art, animation, gifs and AU stuff from my Paper figures (and with my paper figures) . I have a lot work here and this page will update soon.

And some links for other pages

My Tumblr

My main(russian) page
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