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PokeSpe : Magenta

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I just remembered my Disney Fairies OC is also named Magenta, but hey, it's a pretty name :meow: Also, is it just me, or does Magenta have a different...'aura' compared to Kaname? Ah well. 

At least I re-used only one Pokemon drawing this time... ^^;  I used refs, but oh well :meow:



Name: Magenta Hawthorne
Nickname: Maggie (to her parents); Gen (to her friends)
Birthday: 23rd July
Birthplace/Hometown: Nacrene City/Camphrier Town

Family: Father Mark, mother Rachel, her older cousins Opal and Jade (and their parents). Magenta is an only child, but never felt lonely because she was never alone. She was either tagging along with her parents when they went to the day care, or with at least one Pokemon if left at home. 

Trainer Class: Breeder
Ambition: to become either a Pokemon breeder, like her parents, or to become a Pokemon Ranger

Story: Magenta was born in the Isshu region, but moved to the Kalos region when she was 3 years old and has lived in Camphrier Town since. The daughter of two Pokemon breeders, she picked up on their dedication to helping to raise Pokemon, even those who had yet to hatch. The thought of travelling with Pokemon didn't cross her mind until she met her cousin Opal. She learned more about how to care for her partners while journeying, which was different from looking after them while at home.

The twin Eevees she'd hatched a while back became part of her team, as did the Azurill she'd befriended during a visit to Floccesy Ranch in Isshu (it had since evolved into an Azumarill). She gathered all 8 badges in Kalos, and went on to defeat the Elite Four. However, she soon stepped down to let Diantha take her place as Champion once more.

Now, she makes her way through Hoenn, having been fascinated most by her cousin's stories of her own travels through that region. She's left most of her team at home except for her Umbreon, Rakkun, and her just-hatched Zorua. She's managed to beat the first 2 gyms, but for now is participating in Pokemon Contests more than in battles. 

Personality: Magenta is helpful, outspoken, and kind. She can be tomboyish (she uses the pronoun 'boku'), but that hasn't stopped her from trying on outfits she deems cute. She can be straightforward, bordering on sounding rude if she isn't careful. She tends to go with gut instinct instead of logic, usually making split-second decisions. She's observant, too, rarely missing anything in her surroundings. 

She gets angry easily where Pokemon are involved, being protective of them - even those who she hasn't caught or trained. She rarely catches Pokemon, on that note, preferring to befriend them, or else hatch them first. 

An outdoors type of person, she's as comfortable in a sleeping bag in the woods as she would be in an inn or small hotel. Highly aware of her inexperience as a trainer, she can be touchy or react defensively if it's pointed out. 

Pochiro (male Poochyena) - Received as an egg from Opal when the two met en route to Hoenn, the young Poochyena hatched soon after Magenta arrived in the region. In many ways, he's still a baby, wanting to be cuddled, carried, or else staying right by his trainer's side. 

Achari (female Torchic) - This young Fire-type starter is actually scared by lightning and sudden loud noises, so she can usually be found in her trainer's arms when a storm looms. She doesn't hesitate to fight if she has to, wanting to show that she can be brave, too. 

Rua-kun (male Zorua) - Hatched a while before Magenta left Kalos, he rarely plays tricks on his trainer, but sometimes will do so on his teammates. Most of the time, though, he behaves as much as possible; he's still the most fidgety of Magenta's team. 

Tsuro (male Ralts) - Magenta befriended this young Pokemon before she reaches Petalburg. He's rather shy, but playful still, constantly spending time and playing with Pochiro. 

Subari (female Taillow) - The feisty little bird reminded Magenta of her Talonflame in Kalos, when it was still a Fletchling. Subari is easily excited by new things and new places. She can become easily bored, too, though. 

Rakkun (male Umbreon) - The older of the twin Eevees Magenta hatched back in Kalos, this quiet Pokemon likes to run and sneaking up on others. He's a night owl, and usually stands guard over his trainer and teammates, if he needs to. He enjoys riding on Magenta's shoulders now and then. 

=Other Facts=

Likes: nature; travelling; hoodies and boots; the color turquoise/cyan 
Dislikes: being stuck indoors; extremely cold weather; Zubat

- She enjoys rock-climbing, berry farming, and listening to music.
- Magenta has good stamina, as well as a good sense of direction. She's paranoid about getting lost, though, so she consults her map all the same 
- She's proud of how strong her legs are
- Her mom helped her make the choker she wears (it's woven) that holds her keystone. 

Motto: "Whether I fight or retreat, I'll decide for myself!"
Voice: Sawashiro Miyuki
Theme: Coloring Palettes; Ambivalent World; Yakusoku no Sora E


Magenta has two ways of nicknaming her Pokemon - those from her Kalos journey have either '-kun' or '-chan' added to a syllable (or two) of their species name. Those from her Hoenn jouney, as you can probably see, have either 'ri' (girl) or 'ro' (boy) added. 

Pokemon characters and concept (c)Satoshi Tajiri et. al. 
Pokemon Special/Adventures (c) Hidenori Kusaka, Satoshi Yamamoto, et. al. 
Magenta Hawthorn, art (c) FlameWingsDawnslight

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I love the fact she is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro. She's one of my favorite seiyuu xD
Other than that, she's a cutie x3
KristalDawn07's avatar
Oh gosh, a fellow Miyuki Sawashiro fan :wave:

D'aww, thanks >w<  I had trouble with her outfit for a while (the color combinations, anyway), and her eye color, but it's nice to know she looks a cutie :meow:
Magatzu's avatar
Yes, I really admire her voice. xD

I suck at choosing colors. Most of the time I just wing it xD
Yeah, she's cute. Also another PokeSpe fan! Very few actually read Pokespe.
KristalDawn07's avatar
I actually saved some color palettes I found online, and a book I bought on wardrobe-coordinating ('cause no one taught me these things and I need to learn them to save space and cash) or whatever you call it XD;  

But yes, Pokemon Special is all the love-! I found out about it through friends in college, and I got hooked =P  so now my OCs have their manga counterparts 
Magatzu's avatar
I'm entirely self-taught when it comes to art. If I wanted to learn
something I had to myself pretty much. With that comes a lot 
of trial and error. Then again everyone learns differently and at their
own pace. I by no means call myself better because I'm self-taught
in fact I'm probably worse off. ^^;

Yeah PokeSpe is great. I read a lot of it middle school and I really enjoyed it.
Great read. Shame that people only really know about the anime.
KristalDawn07's avatar
I'm mostly self-taught, too XD; I took a few art lessons, but only in university, and even then only to supplement what I already knew ^^; That is true, though - some self-taught artists are really good, while others who had formal training of some sort have really awesome art. I guess it's all perspective, and the artist's own devotion to their craft :meow:  Aww, don't be too hard on yourself, your art has its own charm =)

I'm still reading PokeSpe, myself =3  the bookstores here are sometimes late with releasing new volumes, so I'm reading the newer chapters online (and am probably behind because of that). I'm looking for a way to read the Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire chapters, though ><   Yeah, that's true, not too many people know about the manga and they're more familiar with the anime =/  ah well.
Magatzu's avatar
Yeah, I meant I took art classes but in them no really cared
and I never really learned much beyond what I already knew.
Then again none of my teacher were ever really supportive
of my anime art or just downright unsupportive. I mean I can draw
more than just anime but I liked anime so I think it fair
that I wanted to imitate the style. They could never go beyond their own biases. 
Thanks. I'm no where near where I wanted to be in terms of
artistic goal.

I still read it too but I am pretty much caught up. I'm glad that Viz started
to released 'em all. There wasn't always the case and you pretty much had
to read them online or buy them imported. It was always so easily accessible.
I'm glad more people are getting to the manga than it was due to Viz's
releases. It will never be bigger than anime but at least its something.
KristalDawn07's avatar
Guess I'll count myself lucky that I was able to take classes like "Sequential Art and the Graphic Novel" (what my friends and I called 'comics class') and "Writing and Illustrating for Children" (children's lit), besides those 'classic' art classes ><  It's a good thing you didn't let that obstacle stop you completely, though :nod:
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Awwwww she's pretty ^^ love her hair colour ^^ and her boots rock :giggle: she has an awesome outfit :D she enjoys rock climbing eh :la: brave girl :la: ^_^
KristalDawn07's avatar
I'm amused at how I went from blue-haired peeps to purple-haired peeps :XD:  I had fun drawing the boots, too - they're actually based loosely on the lace-up boots in the Pokemon XY games :meow:  And yep, she enjoys rock climbing; she's an outdoorsy type, which can mean a lot of activities, and rock climbing made sense as her favorite (besides walking and biking). 
Cosmos-Kitty's avatar
Heehee :XD: ^^ and ooooh neat :D it's cool she's an outdoor type :D must be pretty fit if she does lots of activities :nod:
KristalDawn07's avatar
Yeah, she's more of an outdoor person than her cousin, at the very least XD; Ru/Opal's active, but there are days she just stays inside, or in the shade (and she'd rather fly than go rock climbing) =P 
Cosmos-Kitty's avatar
That's cool ^_^ heehee I'm more indoors :XD: I like being out if it's nice warm weather and got something to do :P but I'm not an activity person :XD: it's weird cos there have been days I don't mind doing stuff and other days I really don't want to be involved in them :P we had some outdoor days out during my apprenticeship, like team days etc, and they were...mostly okay as they didn't overdo it and I didn't have to do stuff I didn't a bike riding activity they had :XD: I avoided that big time :lol:
KristalDawn07's avatar
Haha, I'm kinda the same way. I like bicycling, so no problem there. I also like them activities where you climb stuff, 'cause it's fun and challenging. At my church before, we had this outing to a place called 'Outland Adventure', and it had ziplines, vertical obstacle courses and stuff XD  My fave was probably the balancing log, which was a bit scary 'cause you had kneel down in the middle to pick up the second guide rope - and let go of the first XD; There was another one which was just a log standing up, but a very tall one. After you climb to the top, you have no choice but to jump. Never mind that you have someone on belay (holding the climbing rope to make sure you don't slam into the ground); my first thought was "Kai, how the hell do you jump from this kinda height?!" :lol:
Cosmos-Kitty's avatar
Climbing can be fun for me if I don't have to climb too high :XD: I don't mind heights when I have stable ground beneath me. Looking down from the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame was a gorgeous experience :la: :love: but if just climbing and holding on to something, I can't look down :P

Awwwww sounds scary heehee glad you had fun though with it :D yes, how does Kai do these jumps? Or Ray for that matter :O_o:
KristalDawn07's avatar
I haven't been to Paris yet, so I can't say I've experienced that. BUT I did climb up the bell tower at one of the older churches here XD; Church was on a hill, too, so that view was pretty :meow:  

Normally, I wouldn't climb stuff just for the heck of it (my sister would have, before); but eh, when you're with a group and it's a team building thing... :shrug: But it *was* fun XD; 

lol true - how do those two do it? Not to mention Tala and Ian in the first season. O_o
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x-Memoire-x's avatar
She looks very cute :3 I love the hair cut!
And it's amazing how you manage the anime style! Tell me the secret about those thin outlines! xD
KristalDawn07's avatar
Haha! Her haircut is a modified version of Kaname's, who is the anime counterpart XD; As for the lines (it's more of the manga style rather than the anime style, but ah well ^^ ), I actually drew on a bigger canvas, using fairly big brush/pen sizes (8 at the most, I think??) , then flattened everything save for the background and re-sized it to fit on the character sheet thing =P 
x-Memoire-x's avatar
Oh ,so it's all about the size,huh?
Thanks, I will try that!
KristalDawn07's avatar
Yep :)  What looks thick at 300dpi looks thinner and smoother at 150dpi, and so on :nod:
x-Memoire-x's avatar
:3 Thanks for the advice!
KristalDawn07's avatar
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