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Fox av color chart

NEWER VERSION HERE >>>>> [link] <<<<<


These are the different fox variations I will be making avatars from after I finish the Cacofendox avs :3 I know there are more colors out there, and I will be doing some more not shown here (file got too big), including a fennec! And yes Becky, a marble fox! 8D Also the grey and arctic foxes will have smaller ears and shorter muzzles than the normal foxes. I'll be staying true to the species :3
I'm also trying to improve on my fox anatomy if you can't tell. I guess it really pays off studying the mounts in my room, various RL pics, and watching them roam around the back yard the few times they've shown up \o/

No clue when I'll finish these, and no date yet for when I release my Cacofendox's @.@

art and upcoming avs © me
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I was just looking around for a silver fox fur pattern and stumbled upon this. I couldnt find a good reference for fur pattern at the neck until this
aorreh, had to fav DDD:
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<3 the look of those lines.Well done ^^

I haven't heard of a shadow fox,and now that i have they're pretty cool.I still don't have a favorite though,they're all so pretty xD
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>w<' now to go fave the other one because both are pretty <3
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Hell, I love all of them! Not one is prettier than the rest!
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I would claim the cross-fox! :D
Kylifornia's avatar
No, actually, I'd claim the white one! :bulletwhite:
Kylifornia's avatar
No, I claim the red fox!
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oops. I faved.:dummy:
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I couldn't help it, it was so awesome to fave!!! :iconawplz:
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I like your detail :3
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You should do a Fennec Fox. Their so cuteee XD
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I love the shadow fox, is it an actual type of fox?
Krissyfawx's avatar
yup :3 it's a furfarm created mutation of an arctic fox. A lot of shadow foxes are as big as medium-large coyotes
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That's cool, I tried looking up pictures of them on Google but I couldn't find any. :(
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lol. Sorry, had to fav both... LOVE them :D
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What does av stand for?
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Do you have any images on the so called "samson fox"? Apparently, it is a mutation which lacks guard hairs
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This is very helpful :3
Epic art <3
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