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HALLOWEEN 2016 Day 3: Frankenstein's Monster

#Halloween2016 is here!  31 days of horror movie monsters!  My take on 31 of them of my choice, I'll be posting them in chronological order, come back each day to see who's next!
(I'm playing catch up for a few days, but I'll be on track by the weekend.)

DAY 3: Another classic, Frankenstein's Monster, from the 1931 film starring Boris Karloff. It came out in theatres later in 1931, while Dracula was released earlier in the year. Useless Fact: To this day, many people (and media) still call the monster itself "Frankenstein", when the monster was actually just "The Monster" and Frankenstein was the name of the doctor who made him. The doctor was the real monster anyways, lol :P
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he look pretty awsome :)
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They look amazing!
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Your are welcome! :D
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*somebody throws a bottle in his head*
- OUCH!!!
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Well done like always.
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The third of the unholy Universal Trio!  Well done on King Karloff!  Any plans for the Hammer versions?
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Thanks! :D

Not doing the Hammer versions this time around, didn't want to repeat any monsters (just soooo many to choose from, I had to omit lots to just have 31), but they are definitely on my next go 'round doing these to make up for it (might not wait till next year to do more either, lol) :D
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Very nice! :3 Looks just like the classic and iconic Frankentstein Monster from the 1931 film. :)
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Great job on Karloff's incarnation of the monster, truly an iconic performance! You do make a good point regarding the good doctor himself being the real monster of course, especially if we're talking about Peter Cushing's portrayal from the Hammer Horror films.
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Very, very true.  I have to make sure to do the Hammer version of these characters on my next go-round.  So, so many monsters I had to omit to keep it down to 31.  Was very hard, lol.
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awesome love these
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That's Fronkensteen.
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Oh Adam you are a perfect allegory for depression with feeling alone but wanting hope.
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Such a sad, sad story it is.
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Awesome love Frankenstein.
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You're welcome
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