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HALLOWEEN 2016 Day 2: Count Dracula

By KrisSmithDW
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#Halloween2016 is here!  31 days of horror movie monsters!  My take on 31 of them of my choice, I'll be posting them in chronological order, come back each day to see who's next!
(I'm playing catch up for a few days, but I'll be on track by the weekend.)

DAY 2: Next up is Count Dracula, from the 1931 film starring Bela Lugosi. Useless fact: I never really noticed/paid attention for YEARS to the fact the Lugosi's Dracula did not have fangs, in fact I don't think Dracula had proper, "traditional" fangs until the Christopher Lee/Hammer films. Anyone able to confirm or correct me on that one?
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There were a couple of low-budget, obscure Dracula movies that gave him fangs prior to the Hammer cycle, but I'm blanking on their names right now and frankly, most people wouldn't even be aware of them. Hammer may not have been the first to go full fang on Dracula, but they're certainly the ones who made it a big deal in the film and TV versions. Then again, if we really want to be picky, NOSFERATU did it before any of the subsequent films, even if they had to rename their Dracula "Count Orlok" to try (and fail) to avoid copyright issues.

I have to say that I really like how Dracula's cape has the gray lining of the actual film costume. Even though red is the traditional go-to for Dracula's cape, I always like it better when the cape is either solid black (Lee's first cape in the Hammer films) or the gray Lugosi wore. It gives Dracula a more wraith-like quality when his cape is darker and more muted.
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Yeah, I think I saw some of them, I think the fangs were different but I forget (were they Orlok style?  i forget).  All obscure flicks it seemed.

Glad you like the cape lining touch, I did try my best to research on what colour those characters were actually supposed to have been (and I learned in the process that the Bride of Frankenstein's hair was actually red and not black, I did not know that!), was a bit of a pain and I'm probably not entirely accurate, but I gave it the ol' college try :D  I also saw some Lugosi capes that were gold lined, but those were for later movies I think.
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he look really awsome :)
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avenger09Hobbyist General Artist
Going with the Monster Squad version.
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EncyesHobbyist Traditional Artist
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KrisSmithDWHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks kindly! :D
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Dracula is one of the most iconic monsters. ;)
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Gossamer1970Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome job on Lugosi!
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KrisSmithDWHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! :D
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Gotta love Dracula, the classiest of the monsters! Great work :D
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KrisSmithDWHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, man! :D
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NeroAngelusProfessional Digital Artist
How do you spell class?  D-R-A-C-U-L-A.
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KrisSmithDWHobbyist Digital Artist
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