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"Blue Beetle and Booster Gold"

The Blue and Gold together again!!

Ted Kord isn't dead anymore, if you've read the new Booster Gold series. Where he is now and what they plan to do with him is a mystery, but who gives a shit TED LIVES AGAIN!!!! YAYE!! xD

This was a piece I had been working on in little bits and pieces for weeks now to time up for the 20,000 milestone, just because I wanted to celebrate :-P

I wanted to do a piece for it with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle just being awesome and ridiculous, lol. Bwa-ha-ha is how Ted Kord laughs :-P So this is what I came up with, I hope you enjoy it :-P

Onward to 30,000!!! xD
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This is terrific.  Love The Beetle's Expression!
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It's the Dynamic Duo of the JLI... Ted Kord and Booster Gold. At least I'm happy Ted's back in DC Rebirth.
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Yeah, was very happy to hear he was alive and well again :D
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Thankfully since now with Ted, Jaime can have a bit more help.
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Considering that the New 52 really screwed up Jaime, this will hopefully give Jaime what he needs to get some help.
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That's makes me laugh!laughing Luhan 
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I hope you get many more views! This is great
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You're welcome and good luck. :)
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Booster Gold and Blue Beetle will always be the funniest pair of superheroes you'd find in DC Comics
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I agree, shame those incarnations are gone, but one can only hope! :D
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This pic of these two underrated DC Universe heroes is purely golden. :-3
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This is absolutely the GREATEST Booster/Beetle picture!
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You're very welcome!
Am I alone in thinking these two would make an awesome 'Family Guy' style sitcom. Throw in J'onn, Guy, Batman and Fire and Ice and I could see the possibilities for hi-jinks
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Greatest Duo In DC, Hands Down!!!
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I would very much like to have this as a wallpaper, please.
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Unfortunately this is all that remains of this image :( I've been asked a few times and I can not for the life of me find where the hi-res is and I worriedly suspect in the 5 years since I last used this wallpaper that it was lost in the big harddrive crash a couple years ago I had :( If I ever find it I can definitely send it your way, but if you want to for now you can download the image here and add like a black border outline to fill in the space you need for your screen.
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