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Hordak, He-Man and Skeletor by KrisSmithDW, visual art

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  • Apr 9, 1981
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Greetings! I'm Kris! I make art with an old copy of Flash (and sketches with Clip Studio Paint), I love a good animation aesthetic. I'm slow, but I get it done. Eventually, lol. Love to make art of stuff I grew up with in 80's/90's (Transformers and other robots especially!).

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I hope everyone is keeping safe out there. The last year has been a nightmare and we're still not out of the woods yet. I pretty much went MIA for most of last year and its only really been the last few months I've really been getting the art thing going again, trying to get back SOME sense of normalcy, especially since I'm still many, many months away from being able to get vaccinated. But anyway, I did a few things last year that I will be posting here in a few minutes if they aren't already there by the time you see this, plus some new things from within the last month (specifically the Crasher and Stalker pieces). I bought a CORE subscription this year for the first time in ages just to force myself to actually use this account more than once a year, lol. Got a bunch of stuff in the works right now, a lot of nostalgia stuff scrawled out in Clip Studio Paint that I have to refine and then throw into Flash to do the proper art, but lots of stuff thats ACTUALLY in some form of
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So yes, I'm 39 years old now and yes, I've been M.I.A. for a while. Oh man, where to begin... Okay spring 2019 I guess. last we talked would have been a year ago on my 38th birthday. By about the month after that I got really sick, and it lasted like a while, couple months, the summer was pretty much dunzo, insane fever I couldn't kick. I think it was into the end of July before I was back to normal. Was kinda busy at home for a bit as the summer ended and autumn started up, but then... ...IT happened. November. I get this insane sinus infection that I can't kick for a while. Around the same time I started noticing odd spots in my right eye. Which continued to get worse until my vision was distorted in spots and had these awful dark shadow blotchy things blocking off chunks of my vision, it was terrifying, I didn't know what was wrong, I was still getting over that sinus infection, I had one of the worst nervous breakdowns I've ever had, I was worried I would lose my vision
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So it was my 38th birthday earlier this past week (thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, it made me smile :D ) and I didn't burn anything down yet the entirety of those 38 years, so yaye me! :P My computer's motherboard decided to die last Sunday, so I'm a bit borked for another week or two until I can get a replacement tracked down. Using an old laptop in the meantime, I can get a few Transformers: Ignition related things fiddled with (due to 3D model work) but can't do much else without my drawing tablet monitor thingy unable to be used until said computer is fixed.  Hopefully soon! Speaking of Transformers: Ignition, I've nearly co
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Happy Birthday! :party: Sorry, I completely forgot. Far too busy with my own Birthday yesterday (again, exact same day as yours). :forgiveme:

Thankya!!! And happy birthday to you as well!!! :D :D :D

You're welcome. :) And thanks very much! :D

Mr. Hyde would be a good addition to your Universal Monsters.

Will it be alright if you can make turn arounds for some of your drawings?

You like Monty Python awesome I like Monty Python too.

Hey, have you ever watched Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?