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TFNation 2018 Optimus and Rodimus

Lost Light Fest 2018 01 Ultra Magnus

TFNation 2018 Armada Unicron

Chromedome and Rewind


Soundwave Rule 63 Tattoo Design


TF Ignition - Under ReConstruction

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Battle Armor He-Man


TFNation 2019 Animated Bulkhead

TFNation 2019 Beast Machines Jetstorm

TFNation 2019 RiD Sky-Byte

TFNation 2019 G1 Grimlock

Soundwave Rule 63 Tattoo Design

TFNation 2019 Team Rodimus Colouring Page

TFNation 2019 Armada Cyclonus Colouring Page

G1 Erector

TF Ignition Optimus Banner Test

TF Ignition Megatron Banner Test

TF Ignition - Under ReConstruction

Transformers: IGNITION - Page 24

Transformers: IGNITION - Page 23

Transformers: IGNITION - Page 22

Unposted TF:Ignition Practice Work

TF:Ignition - Slipstream (Cybertron Mode)

TF:Ignition - Slipstream (Cyb Alt Mode)

Transformers: IGNITION - Page 21

HALLOWEEN 2016 Day 1: The Phantom of the Opera

HALLOWEEN 2016 Day 2: Count Dracula

HALLOWEEN 2016 Day 3: Frankenstein's Monster

HALLOWEEN 2016 Day 4: The Mummy

HALLOWEEN 2016 Day 5: The Invisible Man

HALLOWEEN 2016 Day 6: The Wolf Man

HALLOWEEN 2016 Day 7: Creature frm. Black Lagoon

HALLOWEEN 2016 Day 9: Leatherface

HALLOWEEN 2016 Day 10: Michael Myers

HALLOWEEN 2016 Day 11: The Tall Man



Lightning Lad



Sarialinde as Triss Merigold

Peter Newkirk

Kyeira the Cat

Jinn Kuroshima

King of Hearts


TF Ignition - Under ReConstruction

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Current Residence: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Favourite genre of music: 90's Alt Rock/Grunge/Rock/Classic Rock/Indie Rock
Favourite style of art: Comic Book/Animation Inspired
Favourite cartoon character: Oglethorpe (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
Personal Quote: This is life! We suffer and slave and expire. That's it!

Favourite Visual Artist
The Four Horsemen, Katsuhisa Yamaguchi, Jim Lee, Bruce Timm, Jack Kirby
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Clerks, Shaun of the Dead, Monty Python & The Holy Grail, Step Brothers, Hard Core Logo
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Mr. Show, Kids in the Hall, SCTV, Always Sunny, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development, Kenny vs Spenny, Black Books, Aqua Teen, Transformers, TMNT, Batman TAS
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Tool, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Treble Charger, The Watchmen, The Killjoys, Rusty
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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Good Omens, House of Leaves, Crooked Little Vein
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Hunter S. Thompson, Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison, Terry Pratchett, Alan Moore
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Silent Hill 2, Alan Wake, Skyrim, Resident Evil 2 remake, Resident Evil 4, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Mortal Kombat 11, Diablo II, Dead Space 2, Batman: Arkham Asylum
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Tools of the Trade
Huion Tablet Monitor, Paper & Pencil
Other Interests
Art, Comics, Music, Video Games, Movies, Cartoons

Made it 39 Years/Hellish Year Update

Made it 39 Years/Hellish Year Update

So yes, I'm 39 years old now and yes, I've been M.I.A. for a while. Oh man, where to begin... Okay spring 2019 I guess. last we talked would have been a year ago on my 38th birthday. By about the month after that I got really sick, and it lasted like a while, couple months, the summer was pretty much dunzo, insane fever I couldn't kick. I think it was into the end of July before I was back to normal. Was kinda busy at home for a bit as the summer ended and autumn started up, but then... ...IT happened. November. I get this insane sinus infection that I can't kick for a while. Around the same time I started noticing odd spots in my right eye. Which continued to get worse until my vision was distorted in spots and had these awful dark shadow blotchy things blocking off chunks of my vision, it was terrifying, I didn't know what was wrong, I was still getting over that sinus infection, I had one of the worst nervous breakdowns I've ever had, I was worried I would lose my vision

Made it 38 Years!

Made it 38 Years!

So it was my 38th birthday earlier this past week (thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, it made me smile :D ) and I didn't burn anything down yet the entirety of those 38 years, so yaye me! :P My computer's motherboard decided to die last Sunday, so I'm a bit borked for another week or two until I can get a replacement tracked down. Using an old laptop in the meantime, I can get a few Transformers: Ignition related things fiddled with (due to 3D model work) but can't do much else without my drawing tablet monitor thingy unable to be used until said computer is fixed.  Hopefully soon! Speaking of Transformers: Ignition, I've nearly co

Happy 2019!!! (it's February now, but whatevz)

Happy 2019!!! (it's February now, but whatevz)

So, yeah, 2018 is going to just go into the bin, it was a total shit-show and we'll just pretend it never happened and--OH LOOK A NEW YEAR!!! Hello everyone and a Happy 2019!!!  Even though I missed the whole month of january here!  WooOOO! I Suck!! :P Made a bunch of New Years Resolutions, a lot art related, one of which was to actually not fail at returning to deviantART on a regular basis.  Threatened it for years, never followed through due to said fail.  Can this year be different?  I... don't know?  But gott-dammit I'm gonna try! :D Transformers: Ignition was supposed to have been returned to by now, but the latter half of 2018 I end

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Hey KrisSmithDW, I was wondering if you could do my two main characters in your art style please and thank you, here’s what they look like: 
Noah Firebreath (revamp 4) by Noah-Firebreath Breez Waterlow (revamp 4) by Noah-Firebreath
Noah’s eye color: Red 
Breez’s eye color: Blue 
KrisSmithDWHobbyist Digital Artist

Thanks! :D

KrisSmithDWHobbyist Digital Artist

Thanks! :D

srg1Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday!