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xpro2 visual style

** Update 17/11/09: change scroll bar and progress bar **

visual style for xpro2 suite:.

2 versions: dark & soft with shellstyle and 3 alternatives font choice: corbel 8, arial 8 & gill sans mt 8..

in the preview:

wall's: Squarez by RabensteinerDesign

- The zip include:
*visual style
*Shellstyle & alternatives shell

You have to copy the zipped visual style into the windows system folder "c:\windows\ressources\themes".
You have to copy the fonts into fonts folder.
The default font for this theme is corbel , It requires cleartype to be activate to be displayed correctly. To activate cleartype, go to display properties, appearance, then click on effects. Choose cleartype under "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts"
For alternatives shell, Unzip the file that corrisponds with the font you choose,Place the unzipped folder named "Shell" in the folder with the visual style.

This theme is for Windows XP.
You need also a patched "uxtheme.dll" system file.
to replace taskbar & captionbar icons to an transparent one: [link]

If you like it comments and :+fav: ..... :thumbsup:

credits & inspiration: :iconakka: & caliban.

- xpro2 for litestep: [link]
- xpro2 for miranda: [link]

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for windows 8?

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You are the top.  Thank you. :-)
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needlessly nasty. ****
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krissirk - your work is not only impressive but, outstanding too. in my view, your a great vs master. your in a unique class. one in a million - kudo's !!

ps:"i hope, you never tire of skinning. you have a great gift. im still running xp, it's great. thx."
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thanks mate for your kind words, really appreciate :thumbsup:
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Wow, great vs. i like it! what is the name of the image viewer? is there a link for it?
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Great thanks Bro :thumbsup:
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Dude, this just fugging rocks, :party:
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very epic man
using it right now :D
I like the subtle old school feel of this one, great work
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using the old one, loved the updated version =D
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C´est superb, mon ami
burnsplayguitar's avatar
great work man! very nice update on the suite
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oh wow kris i love this :dummy:
~yes a new VS! :la:~ this is yet another lovely little style- so smooth & sexy & always subtle-you have definitely become my favorite visual style designer- every time you release a new one it is exquisitely perfect- i think ive told you this before, (perhaps more than once :meow: ) but your designs just have this certain delicate quality that i love- you have an acute awareness, and brilliant sense of, classic simplicity & beauty.

:+fav:Another fav kris:tighthug:
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