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September 5, 2010
one of the suggesters said: "nude II for 7 by *krissirk is a masterpiece of 7's visual styles. it supports both Aero and Basic environment, which means you can bring this clean and sexy look to your desktop, no matter how weak your PC is. Download it and i'm sure you will love it as its name." (suggested by ~kAtz93 and *Esi0n)
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nude II for 7

# update 11/09/10: progress png's replaced.

# update 06/09/10: graphic bug with max caption frame in basic version fixed.

Nude II for Win7. need enable transparency for aero
version. compatible with x64 & x86.

for the no transparency users i added a basic version support, you can see it in the bottom of the preview.

support: bottom,top,right & left taskbar.

- for start orb : wave start orb

maded by ave vista style buider: [link]
and photofiltre studio: [link]
on win x64.

- You need a patched system for using theme : [link]

- Place the nude2.theme and nude2 folder in your x:\Windows\Resources\Themes folder.

- Video Tutorial: Change Windows 7 Icons in Taskbar : [link]


From the preview:

- Wall's: by :iconncrow: HardGraft & by :iconnitzua19: photowalls 3

- icons by :iconbrsev: token


design inspired from:

- Nude by :iconkrissirk:

- Appows by :iconneiio:

- Clearscreen Sharp by :iconk-johnson:

I shall be absent for the next 3 months .... see you soon ....

thanks to everyone for your support, kind comments & of course your :+fav: ... ;)

Copyright /Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.
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Ayase-Mai's avatar
Where do I find the icons you use?
charliehd4's avatar
Why don't have a Nude II XL? haha
who can tell me ? how to download this theme ?
Sidvincent's avatar
Youtube is always the solution!
its switching from Aero to basic even though i've the transparency set? it was working earlier but i applied a different theme then changed back and it was only doing it in basic......HELP PLEASE
LeoneSimonetti's avatar
Im really thankful for your skin, thanks very much!
Rachid7Hmid's avatar
maxdesolate's avatar
one word. incredible!!! . thanks man.
How to change font?
ak2ak2's avatar
when i install the nude2,my wallpaper is changed, why is that?
NatashaChick's avatar
Thanx - I really like this!
Mofuba's avatar
M-Awesome's avatar
Great work!
You should include an extra minimal styled explorerframe.dll
ojanuox's avatar
Thank you so much!
Jorge965's avatar
Excelente, muy bueno me lo llevo muchas gracias :D
wyldfyer's avatar
I have been using this pretty much ever since I found it. Got a new laptop and was looking for other themes but this is too good, I can't use any other.
DenJento's avatar
I've been using this time for a long time and I must say I'm very happy with it :D
Everytime I try another Visual Style they just can't compare to this one! It's PERFECT!
Also on my second laptop, it has no aero and again this visual style is perfect for everything!! Thank you so much! Donating some points ;D
witchhunttress's avatar
"basic" version is not a true basic theme. It's just Aero with transparency disabled. Aero itself is not disabled. This is evident when using xsplit and it forces Windows to basic theme.
chimanwink's avatar
It's very cleared!, very glass!, but it´s good!, Congratulations :D
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