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Shadow for 7

----------------------- Update 19/01/10 -------------------------

- Add ressource files for x64 (explorer.exe & frame.dll)
- replace some graphic for better match


- 29/12/09:matching the status bar and fix some text color.

Shadow for Win7.

- You need a patched system for using theme :

[link] or : [link]

- Place the shadow.theme and shadow folder in your x:\Windows\Resources\Themes folder.

- For the StartButton you have to replace Explorer.exe in your Windows directory.

- Replace the explorerframe.dll in your x:\Windows\System32

** Wall's in the preview:

Top left: WE ARE THE NEW ECONOMY part 2 : [link]

Top right: don't have a link...

Bottom left: Back Deck by brsev : [link]

Bottom right: from Photowalls 7 by nitzua19: [link]

** icons in the preview, token by brsev : [link]

** you can see in this preview too : SONA gehrunnerjunge by novoo : [link]
thanks to everyone for your support, kind comments & of course your :+fav: ... ;)

:peace: & happy new year 2010....
Copyright /Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.
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This is beautiful.
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you can share orb start for me?

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make this for windows 8
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Oh no ya lo encontré xD muy bueno
RobertFco's avatar
Donde descargo, no entiendo nada D: esta todo en ingles y me da flogera traducir
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if you could make it a little more transparent it would be all the way GUCCI. if not, please show me how.
krissirk's avatar
hi dude, i stopped all customizing activity. peace
L3d1's avatar
Can't find download link. :(
KalSkylynx's avatar
You know, I've often tried to replace this to freshen up my laptop.

I can't do it. You've actually created the best Windows 7 VS on the internet. Congratulations.
I'm using the theme with firefox glass and this happens
Only half the screen is transparent, could this be a problem with detecting the window border? (disabling shadow allows the full window to be transparent)

Great theme thought, love the look
thanks for break my windows
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Everytime I replace explorer.exe on the next boot I get explorer.exe was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) without fail everytime
M7mdA7md7sein's avatar
Can I use this with Win8 ? :D
I mean how to patch with the "Universal Theme Patcher" ?
It doesn't work with Win8, should I run it in compatibility mode or it will crash something else ? :D
Did they make a special one for Win8 ?
Thanks In advance ^__^
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ermergerd, i love this theme
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Something is wrong with directories. I had the same problem as LothairMantelar had. Sorry to say that but I'm not using this skin anymore ;'( Annoying bug...
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Awesome theme, thanks a lot! Just one question, though: is it possible to change the color of taskbar window previews when you hover over them- the teal color?
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Dudeee !! PLSS When u see this comment pls reply

Man I don't know how to replace all that Stuff...

In some themes installation I just need to put downloaded files in C:/Windows/Resources/Themes/

And then to go personalize and u know the rest

Can u plss give me the link of this theme

But In the way I say it...Not that compllicated installation

Pls man Answer !!!? ?!?!?
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Can't replace the explorerframe.dll
WinterWerewolf's avatar
You must take ownership of this file. Uncle Google knows how to do that.
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Nicely done! This is my current theme now. :)
MrHeAdShotttt's avatar
Lig\ht version Is absent?Answer in PM
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For you peepz using this VS I made a Xion skin for it: [link]

Try it out :D you'll luv it
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