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Nude for 7

By krissirk
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Nude for Win7. aero theme, need transparency enable.
for start orb: [link]

------------------- Update 07/02/10 ---------------------

- Final update: bug fixed with firefox menu.

------------------- Update 05/02/10 ---------------------

- for more usability, replace explorer address band and search box background. (you can see it in the right bottom preview)

------------------- Update 03/02/10 ---------------------

- update resources x64

------------------- BIG Update 01/02/10 ---------------

- fix menu text hover color problem .
- change the design of explorer toolbar buttons and menu toolbar buttons.
- transparency on normal close caption button in nude xl, as max/min.

------------------- Update 31/01/10 ---------------

- add resource for x64 ( thanks to Bluechild 1-1)
- fix bug with reflection main
- replace placesbar.

2 themes:

- Nude with minimal caption buttons
- Nude XL with classic caption buttons ( you can see it at the bottom right of the preview)

- i choose to leave the start button blank or nude , it's a personal choice. you can find here at DA a lot of great start button or leave the theme with my default blank start button.

- You need a patched system for using theme : [link] or : [link]

- Place the themes in your x:\Windows\Resources\Themes folder.

- For the StartButton you have to replace Explorer.exe in your Windows directory.

- Replace the explorerframe.dll in your x:\Windows\System32


** Wall's in the preview:

- at top :Las Ojas by delta909: [link]
- at bottom: Minimal by alexander-gg, included with this theme as a default background (thanks to alexander for the permission) : [link]

** icons in the preview, token by brsev : [link]



For Cd Art Display skin: [link]

For miranda IM skin: [link]

thanks to everyone for your support, kind comments & of course your :+fav: ... ;)

Copyright /Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.
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This is what I want for my blog.Really a nice theme..Thanks!
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Nice job, awesome theme!
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Nude XL, the best theme ever...
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finaly what i'm looking for !
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I'm using Nuxe XL, amazing theme!
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Great! I don't want to change font style. Give me advice, please.
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How do you replace explorerframe.dll? Gives a permission error each time. Another problem I get is a class error when opening the explorer.exe
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One of the best themes! ;D
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Wish I could have these themes for the XP.  You are great, Kriss.
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looks awesome, i tryed to apply it, but i cant replace the explorerframe.dll and the explorer.exe, it say's that i have the program running or opened and cant be changed. i mean.. yea i need to have the explorer.exe opened to searsh the folder and paste. so what can i do to replace those files? any help plz =)
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I'm using it now and I like it. =) =) =)
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thanks, glad u like it :)
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I have a small problem with this theme - the navigation buttons in windows explorer (forward and back) are displayed as the default ones and not yours. Do you happen to have any knowledge or help on fixing this problem?
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Oh, awsome - why have i overseen this for so long?
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How did you replace the explorer.exe have no access ....also as Admin...
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