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7pro for XP

*** Update 18/12/09:
included normal startpanel with tahoma font. compact startpanel with corbel and arial font. i fixed the maximize frame caption.

For XP, this is a port of 7pro theme: [link]

And a mod of xpro2 visual style: [link]

2 versions: dark & soft with shellstyle and 3 alternatives font choice: corbel/ arial/ tahoma

in the preview:

wall by Katsu3477: [link]

picture by neslihan: [link]

- The zip include:
*visual style
*Shellstyle & alternatives shell

- You have to copy the zipped visual style into the windows system folder "c:\windows\ressources\themes".
- You have to copy the fonts into fonts folder.
- The default font for this theme is corbel , It requires cleartype to be activate to be displayed correctly. To activate cleartype, go to display properties, appearance, then click on effects. Choose cleartype under "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts"
For alternatives shell, Unzip the file that corrisponds with the font you choose,Place the unzipped folder named "Shell" in the folder with the visual style.

This theme is for Windows XP.
You need also a patched "uxtheme.dll" system file.
to replace taskbar & captionbar icons to an transparent one: [link]

thanks for comments, support and :+fav: ..... :thumbsup:

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this is brilliant! i just wish you had kept the caption buttons the same as in the Win7 version .
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yey! ;; w ;;
now my laptop looks like it has swag!! thank you
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Should make for an interesting setup, Thanks...
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Thank you, it looks nice,I'm going to install now and hope it looks as good as it does here.

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thanks thanks thanks its wonderful
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Adel t'es le meilleur! a chaque fois que je crois avoir tout vu de tombe sur quelque chose de mieux!
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merci pour tes encouragements, sympa :thumbsup:
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I have a stupid question: how to remove the text of the title bar? I used TbarIconBlanker for the captionbar icons but I would also remove the text.
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je vois sur ton profil que t'es français, donc je peux te répondre en français :nod:
alors concernant le texte des captions bar, il faut remplacer la police (font) de la caption bar par une police vide (blank font) mais pour cela il faut utiliser un software comme "restuner" pour pouvoir faire les modifications.
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je te remercie, je vais essayer ça!
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its made for me man thanksss
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This is like a super upgrade to the Concave VS (IMO). I love it.
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concave vs is very different from this one, but thanks for kind words , and i love concave vs too ;)
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really need that kind of vs for seven m8. Brilliant
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