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Welcome to the first Emoticon Challenge. :happybounce:
Every 2 weeks there will be a new theme and different rules.
Even though this isn't a Contest there will be 3 winners and badges for all participants. The main goal is to challenge yourself. The winners will be chosen by the participants (by sending a note to me with their favourite entry, you can't vote for yourself. If nobody votes then there won't be a winner). The winner will chose the next theme and the new set of rules.
But I will be the host for the first 5 Challenges.

"Love is in the Air"

Category: - Chat Friendly
It has to be a Chat Friendly Emote (width multiplied by height of the canvas can't exceed 2500 pixels.) (it would be perfectly fine if the canvas would be 70x35px or 80x30px or 50x50px)
You have to post it in the Chat friendly Category.

Animation: - Yes.
You have to create an animated Emoticon

Frames: - max 40:
You are not allowed to use more than 40 Frames.

Deadline: - March 8 - 10pm PST

Send me a note with your Entry, include in the description that it is for this challenge.
If it fits to theme of other contests then you can enter them with your Emote as well.

You can enter as often as you want. :dummy:

Your piece needs at least 1 Emoticon. :slow:

It has to be a new Emoticon. (Created after the theme has been announced.)

Do you have any questions? :noes: Did I forget anything? D:

Add a ':happybounce:' to the comments if you are excited to see the Entries!

:anditscontagious: by Nironan12 Love is in the air by BurgerBunny Love in the Air by happy-gurl love is in the air by TanteTabata Love Is In The Air by a-kid-at-heart Kiss me please Emoticon by Gomotes Love is in the Air... by SparklyDest:thumb436984412: :LoveIsAllAround: by stuck-in-suburbia

Love is in the Air by Krissi001

All participants can display this badge on their page:

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