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Emoti-collabs is a group for Emoticonists who are looking for Collaboration partners and want to take part in Collaboration events.

The first Emoticon collaboration event has ended, the theme for this event was opposites  and now I want to show you the results of the first event:

(oh and i should mention that you should keep checking the folder for this event, because deviants who weren't able to finish their entry in time are still able to submit their entries.)

Kohaku0827  and inoner

Opposites Collab by Kohaku0827       :thumb213278697:

catluvr2 and fear-the-brilliance

Collab 1 Opposites by catluvr2       Collab Opposites by fear-the-brilliance

IceXDragon and Nironan12

Two Opposites by IceXDragon      

nikkittie and radglare

Opposites collab by nikkittie      

Phlum and Krissi001

Humans vs Aliens collab by Phlum       Humans vs Aliens collab by Krissi001

litecrush and Indae

Imagination vs Reality Collab by litecrush       :thumb243644466:

KatataEtc and Kyramy

Collab opposites by KatataEtc       Opposites Collab: Katataetc by Kyramy

BlissfullySarcastic and stuck-in-suburbia

Opposites Collab: S-I-S by BlissfullySarcastic       HarryPothead Collab by stuck-in-suburbia

seapuppy and Krissi001

Opposites collab by seapuppy       Opposites collab by Krissi001

keep an eye on Emoti-collabs  if you are interested in Emoticon collaborations or if you want to take part in them!
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Tajii-chan's avatar
These are all collaborations of such epic proportion! :love:

I find it amazing that pixel artists can work with such delicate details :o
Krissi001's avatar
I think it is just a matter of practice xD
btw have you seen the mini-drawings by `Cataclysm-X?
[link] :faint:
Tajii-chan's avatar
Yes, I have! They're absolutely mind blowing, actually ;A; :love: The detail is seriously stunning! :heart:
SanguineEpitaph's avatar
I wish I had finished mine in time. :grump:
Krissi001's avatar
You are still able to finish it ;D
SanguineEpitaph's avatar
But I let my partner down (or I feel like I did. xD)
Krissi001's avatar
xD your partner could have said something ;D
SparklyDest's avatar
These turned out so good! :clap:
Indae's avatar
So when's the next? :giggle:
Krissi001's avatar
in a couple of weeks :eager:
spring-sky's avatar
Aww...Lovely feature
seapuppy's avatar
I honestly have to say that the Aliens vs. Humans is my favorite of all of them.
Krissi001's avatar
I love the collab between =litecrush and =converse-kidd the most :excited:
inoner's avatar
Look how much totally awesome stuff there is!
MrCannibal's avatar
Great work to everyone, glad to see this actually work out. ^_^
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