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Contest is closed :nuu:

In celebration of the release of writer comments, which allows you to use Community Emoticons in the Comments (Read more about it here: [link])
The New deviantART CommentsImproving Communication on deviantART
One of deviantART's strongest assets is the community's ability to bring self-expression into conversation, pushing the boundaries of creativity to a new level. Today, we've improved creative communication by launching a new way to comment on deviantART, with access to formatting, emoticons, and, for Premium Members, the ability to include artwork and files in your comments.
A Creative Approach to Conversation Writer has been integrated into comments on deviantART in the form of the new "Add Media" button. As you may know, Writer allows rich text editing of literature and journal deviations on deviantART, and we are excited to expand this functionality to more areas of the site.
Add formatting to comments with the formatting toolbar!The Emoticons tab of the sidebar gives you access to official emoticons, as well as community-created emoticons in the Chat-Friendly Emotes category.

I decided to host a Contest just for Chat friendly Emotes. :happybounce:

The main goal of this Contest is to provide more chat friendly Emotes for the Community. The Judges can also participate in the contest, but they aren't eligible to win.
Chat Friendly means to me that it serves a purpose within a conversation other than to look good, the Emoticon has to show an action or an Emotion, the animation shouldn't be too long and the canvas not too big. Therefore there will be also a restricted canvas size for the Contest.


  1. Only new submissions for the Contest.
  2. The Emoticon has to be Chat friendly,  they have to show an Emotion or an Action, which can be used within conversations.
  3. max-height: 35px   max-width: 50px  (anything smaller will be accepted as well)
  4.  You have to submit the Emoticon to the Chat friendly category.  (and to the correct subcategory.)
  5.  You can enter as often as you want.
  6. You are not allowed to use existing Emotes( such as :la: or :dummy:)
  7.  You have 1 month to create something ( Deadline:  August 18th 2013)
  8. You can enter other Contests with your entry for this Contest.
  9. You are allowed to revamp "Legend Emoticons" but they have to be noticeable different from the original, it's not enough just  to change the colours or a few frames.   (And you have to credit the original Emoticon and the creator) 
  10. To enter the Contest, link your entry in the comments or send me a note.

  • 1st place: 700 :points:
  • 2nd place: 500 :points:
  • 3rd place: 300 :points:
  • 4th place: 200 :points:
  • 5th place: 100 :points:
All eligible Entries will also receive a  Journal Feature.

Journal feature from Tahog
Journal feature from MafiaVamp
Journal feature from SparklyDest

If you want to donate something, feel free to write a comment on this Journal.


:iconkrissi001: :iconsynfull: :icona-kid-at-heart:

Have fun :dummy:

It would be wonderful if you could feature it, so more deviants can participate. :love:

Entries will be added to this Collection: [link] and they will be added to this Journal as well.


Headache New                                              :bademoticon:                                               shocked

     Whine emoticon                                             :ShutUpandTakemyMoney:                                             :bademoticon: 

     Sparkle Fart                                             :bademoticon:                                             :bademoticon:

:bademoticon:                                             :bademoticon:                                             :bademoticon:

:bademoticon:                                             :FuturamaFry:                                             Win   

cute blush                                                   :bademoticon:                                             :pacing:  

   Mindblowing                                            Rolling your eyes                                                 :study:       

    :IrStupid:                                                      :impressed:                                                      :unimpressed:  

FLUSH-EEE FLUSH!!                                    :bademoticon:                                              BRB

mpf ... soo undecided                                                   :PM:                                             Aneurysm

Like this ... not like this                                                    :innocent:                                                 :pbbt:

:create:                                       :bademoticon:                                            :confused:

:cry:                                                 Pee Laughing                                                    :uhh:

Come With Me                                                 :fat'n'lazy:                                                    :dead:

:O v O:                                                 :o_o:                                         :dealwithit:


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The deadline was on my b-day! XD