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read artist's comments! - emoticonist list


This list won't be updated! You can find a better list here: The Master List by #EmoteADay

And don't fav the list <_< Fav the other list :roll: (There were a few deviants who faved this list :lol:)

All deviants who are listed here have made emotes at some point in their life. It doesn't mean that they still create them.

You are creating emotes? Comment here and i will add you to the list :dummy:

New list (not sorted)


:bulletgreen:~TenshiHikari/ =CubicInsanity


Emoticonist applicants
The deviants on this list have created less than the required amount of emotes. They will have to prove them and keep on creating emotes :aww:
Deviants won't be counted if they created their last emote more than 4 months ago and if their galleries contain more adapted than original Emotes.

The speech bubble and the Font was made by `Mirz123 :love:
Emoticomic-Font + Pixel WordBalloons
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I am confused but that's ok! :dummy:
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why are you confused?
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I didn't read the description but I did now ^^;
Krissi001's avatar
did you read the artist's comments?
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I'm pretty sure I did :hmm: Anyway, I checked again and I've already been to te master list so... :dummy: Good idea though :D
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I just wanted to get sure, since this list won't get updated and it is useless to write a comment here: P
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Thanks for the thought ^^
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Well.. I guess I am?
Eevee7890's avatar
i am an Emoticonist!!
Krissi001's avatar
you should submit your Emoticons to the Emoticon gallery :#1: ( Customization / Emoticons )
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oh... ok i did not know what i was supposed to put it in.
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I made one, I am both one Computer master and Emoticonist.

It's pretty fun to make both all-at-once!

I want you to do a favor: Like always, :new:Add me to the list!!:new:
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but it takes more than one emote to be an emoticonist ^^;
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I mind that. I make emotes which i don't post on devART :D

I always plan to post but timings FAIL.
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then take the time to submit them :eyes:
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i started making some... not that good but im starting! :dummy:
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I will keep an eye on you. Have you seen #Emotication? :boogie:
It might be good if you submit them to the Emoticon Gallery Customization / Emoticons ;D
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