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I was working on my Entry for the future contest (where the fire is included :paranoid:) when i had the idea for this :lol:

If you have tips how to improve the fire, please tell me D:
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Used it, thanks!
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Just used it!!! Thanks :)
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*wonders where one actually learns how to animate such complex things like fire*  it's sooo good o-o
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Used. :3 Thank you!~
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Not anymore XD
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This is really good! 
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:pyroglompplz: Spontaneous Combustion :elementfire: Aries, Leo, Saggitarius inferno :fire: :hot-pepper: for Opus duel Ima meteor  FIREH POWER
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wow so funny and so HOT !!! cutie im adding 2 fave !!!
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Over all great work
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I did some animation on fire for Hotel Transylvania the game. I personally think you can add a few frames when the fire is in the squash position. That way you can create a feeling of anticipation, and that way you can get contrast to your timing. The timing is a little even right now, think In tempo and your animation will have rhythm.
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Thank you very much for the suggestion! I should have removed the Critique requested sign since I don't have any intention to revamp it. But I will keep your suggestion in mind when I am going to create a new fire animation. :hug:
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using this as my avatar
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love the reaction! fire >:)
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