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I am shocked by the results... :facepalm:
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That is some nice detail you put in the emoticon of The Donald! :thumbsup:
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Shocked is an understatement...
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I'm disgusted by the results... :irritated: 
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I don't think he is going be in that position for a long time. :lol:
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Well, conservatives would be fine with Pence in the chair. They may wait to see if Donald will do what they want. If not, he has enough rope to hang himself (conflicts of interest for example) and they'll just impeach him.

On the other hand, they found ways to work around George W and he got re-elected.

Our politics is a mess. There are obviously enough idiots in this country to put him there. We may have to deal with a White House reality TV show for a while.
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Unbelievable, the things that happened... love the emote though, especially the shocked one :heart:
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Dito. :facepalm: But you did pixel His Trumpness well, love the hair!
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Same, I was so certain Clinton would win it. I think I'm gonna be salty over this for a long while to come. >:C
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