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Emoticonist Mug

This is my first Design for a Mug :lol:

It all started with the orange Emoticon and the it got bigger and bigger :lmao:

I hope you like it :dummy:

The font is from Quiccs… :excited:

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That's not an Emote and shouldn't be in the gallery <_<

You could have used :ShutUpandTakemyMoney: or :FuturamaFry: instead :B
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I think the dA staff have the same attitude (as SweetCreeper), unfortunately. :facepalm: Maybe it's their wish to redefine what an emoticon is? Their indifference to the animated icons has made them so prevalent, some new emoticonists aren't even using the gallery. I find them in the pixel art gallery instead. It's so discouraging I almost closed up the contest group. I'm giving it one more try though.

I still think this could go a long way to clean it up. The mess is just going to get bigger if they don't do something. The community is gone. There are still some emoticonists around, but without a viable gallery to call their own, there's nothing to work from.
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Anw, I gonna remove my icons from Emoticons gallery
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I honestly don't care that much anymore. :(
I still enjoy to create Emotes and also look at Emotes (I love the massive Emotes that you created btw! :happybounce:)  but I am not home most of the time. So I don't have much time to think about it anyway xD

You should send a mail to Moonbeam13 about it. :hug:
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That is an emote, and whether we agree or disagree with your lack of concern for the gallery, we appreciate that you used an actual emote this time. :nod:
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This gives me an idea! ;)
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I am curious what you are going to do :eager:
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Actually, you can help clarify something for me. Are the dimensions of this image ideal for a mug? I couldn't find anything that says what the ideal frame for a mug image is.

Thanks in advance Krissi! :tighthug:
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I found this in the faq: FAQ #132: What are the minimum image sizes for each product? :happybounce:

                                                       Minimum          Excellent
Small (11oz) 8.25x3.25    20x8       1240x490        2480x980        2.53:1
Large (15oz) 8.25x3.25    20x8      1240x490        2480x980        2.53:1
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its one massie cup to have a hearty cup of tea in :iconisayplz:
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Iloveitandihaveit :eager: :love:
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I would totally buy this if I was rich enough to afford dA's shipping costs. :shakefist:
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If your commissions wouldn't be that cheap, you probably would have been able to buy it :shifty:
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Maybe so :plotting: but the price seemed reasonable to say that they're easy to make :giggle:
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Sieht klasse aus :lol:
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