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The Legend of Sleepy Hallow
       Almost everyone has heard the Legend of Sleepy Hallow. You know, the one were Ichabod Crane is chased by the headless horseman? Everyone had heard Ichabod's side of the story. Well, now it's time to hear the story from a different point of view. My point of view. I know what actually happened you see, I was there. I lived inside the "Headless Horseman's" pumpkin head. You would never even know I was there. You see, I am a cricket. Now that you know who I am, it is time to hear the story as I know it to be true.
       Although I make that pumpkin head my home, I do not always stay inside. I enjoy going in town just to see what's new. When I heard that a new guy named Ichabod Crane was coming to town, I just couldn't resist going to see for myself. As I hopped into town that morning, I first decided to go to the school. I had heard from many of my fellow crickets that this new Ichabod guy was going to be the ne
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Heart of the Pack
The night has come,
The darkness has fallen.
With the rise of the moon,
The forest is callin'.
Arise great she-wolf,
And call to your pack.
The hunger is growing,
The time's come to track.
With cunning and courage,
The hunt shall begin.
With skill and cooperation,
It shall come to an end.
Each step that is taken,
Draws closer the prey.
And in each decision,
The fate for the day.
Which shall it be,
The weak or the small?
And when times comes to kill,
Will it take the fall?
Your choice is then made,
To the pack it is clear.
The time of the feast,
Is quick to draw near.
Each does his part,
Not a one goes astray.
The strength of the pack,
Will bring down the prey.
Together they work,
On each other rely.
And when comes the kill,
Not one can deny.
Now feast on your prize,
Each takes his own bite.
And after the meal,
It's time to take flight.
Hurry dear friend,
As you flee to woods deep.
Your belly's now full
And the time comes to sleep.
Remember this now,
As your dreams turn to black.
:iconkrisshawnee:Krisshawnee 0 1
Legend of the Meadows
Lands long forgotten,
with futures untold.
Rivers running endless,
'tween trees now long old.
Grounds once well hunted,
Abundance of prey.
Now empty and haunting
None would they stay.
Death manifested,
In monstrous form.
Teeth and claws of the bear.
The pack was left torn.
When one did arise,
Furs of new fallen snow.
Her courage and bravery,
Forever they'd know.
Fearless and bold,
Face the monster did she.
Protecting her brother,
Gave her life for he.
With her dieing breath,
In a circle of shrooms.
Told brother, "Remember,
In your heart make room.
For your life continues,
Your futures expand.
Turn away not the hybrid,
Who's scent is of man."
And it came to pass,
The words she had spoke.
In the eyes of the pack,
The idea was a joke.
Gone by were three years,
Now forgotten prophecy,
Grown had the brother,
Now alpha he'd be.
The day then did come,
The Snow One was right.
St. Bernard/Rottie hybrid,
Slipped in by the night.
A meeting did come,
'tween the alpha and she.
Love born of passion,
:iconkrisshawnee:Krisshawnee 2 0
Cammiel: Scarred Nightmares
          Cammiel was born to two Golden's in a forest not so far from the land she finally ended up in. Her mother gave birth a little late in the year to a litter of six and Cammiel was fifth born but the runt of the litter. As the pups grew up, their mother and father cared for them well despite their lack of a pack for support. As the pups steadily reached an age of which they were allowed outside the den for play the rule was enforced that they were not permitted beyond the clearing area and should mommy or daddy howl a warning, they were to return to the den as fast as their little legs would carry them. Cammie and her siblings listened well to their parents' teachings. As they grew, they learned to play fight as well as how they were expected to act. Months passed and the pups grew larger and stronger. Cammiel and her siblings had grown to love the outside world and would play for hours in the soft moss. Then happiness ended one
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